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One Soulful Story to
a Better World

Connection. Impact. Legacy.

Welcome to the Burning Soul Collective, the ultimate platform for writers at every stage.
Our motto here is: Making a Difference One SoulStory at a Time. When you take control and author (or write) your own life story (or what we call your SoulStory), you gain empowerment, self-awareness, agency, and creativity in shaping your life’s narrative. When you author your life, you don’t just affect yourself; you have the potential to make a lasting impact on the world around you. Your story could inspire, change perspectives, or even lead to meaningful actions that alter the world in some way. Besides, all it takes is one soulful story to create a better world. 

So whether you’re penning your first lines or publishing your magnum opus, we’ve got a track tailor-made for you.

To join us, choose from “Burning Soul Writers” for those who find fulfillment in the art of writing, or “Burning Soul Author” for those committed to seeing their name on a book cover. With expert coaching, engaging writing sessions, and a supportive community, the Burning Soul Collective is your one-stop destination for transforming your words into worlds, and your messages into movements.


Explore writer courses & resources

  • Overcome writer’s block to finish your manuscript in as little as 30 days.
  • Discover how to self-publish, launch, and promote your book.
  • Leverage our author launching pad, so you never have to wonder “what next” when it comes to engaging your readers.


Discover the Soulful Author Journey

  • Complete your nonfiction manuscript and publish it with a transformative course guiding your steps.
  • Rise in your confidence as an author from weekly live coaching sessions tailored to your writing stage.


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“I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Lauren and Allison from Burning Soul Collective on my memoir. From start to finish, their editing was top-notch. They took the time to understand and appreciate my story, as well as how I wanted it to sound. Their feedback was always honest yet professional, providing me with valuable advice that I could use to make my work even better. They gave me the ability to find clarity and purpose within my writing, as well as helped me hone my narrative voice and structure.

Lauren’s editing skills and one on one coaching conversations have been nothing short of amazing. She helped me to develop my book in ways that I hadn’t even considered – her guidance and input were invaluable. She managed to show me a whole new outlook. Lauren has become like family to me, so she is stuck with me lol. I’m so grateful for the help she has given me with my book. Thank you Lauren – you are truly amazing!

I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to helping me bring my story to life. Lauren and Allison are consummate professionals, and I highly recommend their services!”
-Kenneth Nixon, Jr., Award-Winning Author

“Lauren Eckhardt and Burning Soul Press made the journey of writing my memoir possible. She is a wonderful coach and encourager.

The hundreds of hours we’ve spent crying and laughing together over the past year will always be some of my favorite memories.
-Gina Defa, Best-Selling Author

“As I look back I see so much I would never have thought of doing, and so much I would not have known how to do, were I publishing this book independently. I am extremely grateful that Lauren Eckhardt came into my life when and as she did, and helped me to feel the confidence that I could and should share this book with others. When a publisher can be businesslike and still leave no doubt that you are also a friend, you know you are in the right place. And I have been floored by the advocacy and support I have received from each one of Lauren’s team.”
– Marcia 
Nathai-Balkisoon, Best-Selling Author

“I’ve never felt so supported and taken care of in going all in chasing my dreams. Every single member of the Burning Soul Press team has made an impact.

I want to thank Burning Soul Press for the support in helping me find avenues to reach out with this message. I appreciate you all very much.”
-Jennifer Hobbs, Award Winning & Best-Selling Author