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10 Tips to Spruce Up Your Author Newsletter

If you’re feeling like your monthly newsletter needs to be rejuvenated, look no further. We’ve got ten new content ideas to consider. Your newsletter is your direct line of communication to your readers, and there are a ton of ways to discuss your books and all things related to your author life. Pick one or two and rotate through this list to keep your content fresh! Here are some ideas to freshen up your content and engage with your readers. 

1. Update your welcome sequence

The welcome sequence is important because it’s a way to welcome new subscribers and give a fond farewell to those that choose to unsubscribe. This is the opportunity to tell new subscribers thank you for signing up and what they can expect in future newsletters, along with delivering a reader magnet. Every six months to a year, consider changing out your reader magnet to attract new subscribers. 

2. Point out free resources on your website

When you get a new batch of subscribers, be sure to point out the free resources you have available on your website. People may have signed up for your newsletter for the reader magnet, but never visited your website. Let them know what else you have to offer! 

3. Do you have a Facebook group for readers? 

Tell your subscribers about your reader Facebook group. Especially if you have a new crop of subscribers, they may not know about your group.

4. Do you have more than one book out? 

This is a great way to advertise to those that don’t know about your other books. You can do this in a clever way by highlighting reader reviews.

5. Events & Signings

Your email subscribers are your super fans, and want to support you. Author events and book signings are opportunities for readers to show up and support you and your book. In particular, speaking events are a way for your to offer your readers more of you and your topics.

6. Current work in progress

Your email subscribers deserve to know special, insider info on what you have in store for them. You could share your experience and thoughts as you are drafting, or even tease the concept and relevant tropes.

7. Current reads

Readers are interested in what you are reading! If they like what you write, they will trust your word on what you choose to read as well. Highlight favorite authors or even an all-time favorite book list.

8. Upcoming releases 

Have you planned out your upcoming releases? Readers will want to know what you have planned for the future. 

9. Personal updates

This doesn’t have to cross your personal boundaries of what you’re willing to share, but it’s interesting to share a recent trip, a hobby, or a special interest you have. This gives readers another way to get to know you and connect.

10. Link Roundup

A link roundup is a fun, easy way to provide interesting content in your newsletters.

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