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About Burning Soul Press

Share your story. Align with your soul's purpose.

Change the world one story at a time. 

The Passion Within

Founded in 2020 by Lauren Eckhardt, Burning Soul Press LLC helps soul-driven writers with an empowering message to share become best-selling authors that inspire through social-impact missions—without sacrificing authenticity and time for what matters most. We serve those with an entrepreneurial spirit by guiding them to write and publish stories that align with their soul's purpose, using our unique and exclusive Soul Writer framework. 

We specialize in book coaching, creative startups, writing courses, ghostwriting, publishing, marketing, and author services.

Our Soul Writer framework helps writers unveil the depths of their soul’s journey, weaving their stories with their soul-driven mission through the writing and publishing of their books to become entrepreneurial authors with a message to share. We focus on our author’s unique story and voice, transformative message, and soulful passion and purpose so they achieve long-term fulfillment.

 Burning Soul stems from the title of Lauren's first story collection written when she was only nine years old. At the time, the phrase was used to describe the hidden emotional state of people everywhere who are begging to be seen and heard. It has stuck ever since, now representing the passionate, creative souls who are lit up for their ultimate purpose in life and the importance of sharing our stories to connect with those who need to hear the message within the most. 

Burning Soul Press provides guidance, coaching, inspiration, motivation, support, and solutions to help people share their natural gifts and stories with the world. We take pride in walking people through every stage of their writing journey, from planning to publishing to marketing, and launching successful digital businesses that can reach people on a global scale.

We are advocates for greater diversity in the book world and aim to elevate the words and stories of people from all backgrounds. Our words, stories, characters, themes, messages—they can change lives. We believe if there’s a story idea that landed on you, there’s a REASON it chose you. When you write the story that was meant for you to write, you will discover a new kind of freedom, especially when it reaches the reader it was ultimately meant to reach.

Since we are such believers in the ripple effects of social impact missions, as of October 1, 2020, every time you choose Burning Soul Press's programs and services, 10% of our profits are donated to Save the Kids, an incredible nonprofit organization fighting social media's influence on teens' mental health.

 Feel free to send us a message at [email protected] for more information on how we can change lives together and send endless amounts of positivity, empowerment, and inspiration out into the world.

About Lauren Eckhardt, CEO, Author, Book Mentor & Ghostwriter at Burning Soul Press

Lauren is an award-winning and best-selling author and ghostwriter plus the CEO and a book coach and Burning Soul Press. She's also the mama to two little guys who are her why that drives her every day. 

With an empathetic heart, Lauren is an incredible listener of people's stories and encourager through their obstacles. As a multi-passionate creative, she's known for generating new ideas and coaching others through the planning and execution of those ideas to reach their goals. She's an advocate for determined and passionate writers who listen to their soul's calling and the number one cheerleader for our authors. Spearheading BSP, she believes that we are here to help each other and sharing our stories in the first place to start to make an even greater positive social impact that lasts forever.


The BSP Team

Taylor Harvey

Social Media Manager

Taylor is a social media manager with a passion for helping arts organizations and creative individuals grow their businesses through social media. She's also an avid reader, which is one of the many reasons she loves working with Burning Soul Press! When she isn't scrolling through Instagram, you can find her recording audiobooks, drinking espresso, or playing Dungeons & Dragons with her pals. For more info, visit www.taylornicolesocial.com. Or better yet, shoot her an email at [email protected]

Lenora Henson

Marketing & Promotions Manager

Lenora Henson is a marketing and promotions manager with a lifelong affection for stories and the written word. She has worked in the realm of self-publishing for eight years, spent nineteen years in the newspaper industry and is the author of six books. She specializes in book launch parties and prefers to work outside the box. On any given day, Lenora can be found knee-deep in various creative endeavors or pottering around the garden with her trusty sidekick, Poppycat. You can read her blog at www.lenorahenson.com or reach her at [email protected]

Julie Navickas

Publishing & Communications Manager

Julie Navickas is a contemporary romance novelist, author of the Trading Heartbeats trilogy. She instructs writing-based courses focused on public relations and magazine production and design in the School of Communication at Illinois State University. Julie has a master’s degree in both English studies and organizational communication from Illinois State University. She helps the BSP authors through self publishing and traditional publishing.

Author Support Team

April Woodard

Author Branding

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Lauren Bennett


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Deb Clark


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Michelle Young

Book Designer

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If you have a story idea but don't have the time, energy, or interest in writing every word, ghostwriting or coauthoring may be a great solution to turn your idea into a book.

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If you're...

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  • driven and mission-focused

  • coachable and a book nerd

  • all-in to your soul's dreams

We want to work with you! 

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