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about burning soul

Since 2020

Founded by Lauren Eckhardt, the name Burning Soul originally came from a collection of essays she wrote when she was only 9 years old. It was her thoughts on all types of topics ranging from bullying to marriage to racism. She called it “One Burning Soul” because of a vision she had of someone caught in a glass box, screaming and pounding as people walked by, dying to be seen and heard for who they truly are, yet being ignored. When Lauren founded Burning Soul Press, Lauren knew her drive was to help aspiring authors chase their book-writing dreams with confidence.

our mission is simple…

We believe your story is worthy of being written and recorded because your time here matters. It’s letting that burning soul within free, allowing yourself to be seen and heard for who you truly are, trusting your authenticity is enough—believing that you are enough. By being truly you with such boldness, that’s how you’ll inspire and empower others. 

Burning Soul Press is fueled by writers and creatives using their stories, words, and talent to change the world. We are all in this together, using our experiences, perspectives, knowledge, transformations, revelations, and growth to empower others who need to hear our stories the most. 

Your unique voice—your experiences, thoughts, values, beliefs, perspectives, emotions, heart, and soul—has the power to change another’s life forever.

Our unique twist is our focus on the depth of your journey and the power it holds when shared with the world.

Writing a book is meaningful; it’s not something to be done quickly. If you want to do more with your dream than just write a book—you’re more focused on your message and long-term impact, you’re exactly who we want to work with.

Are you ready to share your story and fulfill your dream?


We welcome you to Burning Soul Press.

we love…


life stories


deep connections


continual learning


brave vulnerability


who we are

Lauren Eckhardt

Meet Lauren.

Founder & Chief Executive Storyteller

Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning and best-selling author, ghostwriter, and book coach and the CEO of Burning Soul Press. Her life purpose is helping people capture their life journey through a book, whether just for them, their family, or to share it with the world.  She’s also the mama to two little guys who are her why that drives her every day to create a better world through the stories that inspire and empower others, while bringing light to those who need it the most. Lauren lives in Nashville, TN surrounded by many, many books. 

Meet Allison.

Director, Growth/Strategy & Senior Editor

Allison has worked in the PR sphere in various industries her entire career. As the Growth & Strategy Director for Burning Soul Collective, she works on larger strategic initiatives to elevate the BSC brand to reach those with an impactful story to share. Allison also serves as our Senior Editor, and she is passionate about the structure and strategy of language within the complexities of storytelling and takes pride in her nickname “the walking thesaurus”.

Allison Buehner

why we are here

Everything we do is to make it easier for authors to pursue their dreams while sharing stories that change lives.


We honor authenticity n storytelling, which is the art of genuine, truthful expression that resonates with both the storyteller and the audience. It’s about being true to oneself and one’s experiences, presenting stories in a way that is not only factual but also emotionally and spiritually honest. In the context of writing and sharing life stories, authenticity is a cornerstone.


We help authors to articulate their experiences in ways that not only reflect their personal journey but also resonate with and uplift others. This approach transforms the act of storytelling from a simple recounting of events into a powerful means of personal and communal upliftment.


The power of vulnerability in storytelling lies in its ability to forge deep connections. This authentic expression invites readers to reflect on their own lives, drawing parallels and gaining insights from the shared human experience. Vulnerability breaks down barriers, showing that beneath our varied exteriors lie common threads of struggle, resilience, and hope.




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