Powerful Book Marketing Tips For Creative Writers

book marketing lenora henson Jan 15, 2021
Powerful Book Marketing Tips For Creative Writers by Lenora Henson Burning Soul Press

A Book Marketing Mystery or Book Marketing Made Easy?


HERE’S THE THING, writers like to see themselves as creatives, but in this day and age, they are also business people. If you sell a book, you’re in the book business. If you want to sell more books, then it's time to put your marketing hat on and get to work. ⁠

Marketing your book doesn’t have to be intimidating or slimy or pushy. In fact, marketing can really be seen as strategically putting your book in a place where readers will see it.


Marketing tips: What can you do as an author?

Let’s ponder outside the box for a sec {my favorite method of thinking}. When we think of marketing we often think of advertisements. But what about getting your book a spot in a storefront window, or on the table at a local coffee shop, or in the hands of a local book club? Word of mouth travels fast. And let’s not underestimate the power of Goodreads and BookTubers. What about your own platform? Are you humbly displaying your book at the end of a YouTube video or podcast? ⁠

Marketing your book is a business technique, but can also be a wildly creative process. Have fun with it! Your future readers will thank you.⁠

-Lenora Henson, BSP Marketing Manager⁠


 Marketing Tips for Authors with Burning Soul Press Marketing Manager Lenora Henson


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Book Marketing Tips for Writers & Authors Featuring Lenora Henson Burning Soul Press Marketing Manager


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