Powerful Rhythms. Music for Writing?

claire coffey writing Mar 14, 2021
Powerful Rhythms. Music for Writing? by Claire Coffey Burning Soul Press

Writing + Music = Love?


Do you have set music for writing? Is it a specific playlist you've curated for your work in progress? Is it the same every time or do you mix it up too?⁠

Music transports us. Music takes you back to the moment you realized you were falling in love and that one song amplified everything.⁠

A car ride with the windows down and that perfect song playing that encompasses summer and teenage freedom. ⁠

You're making those hand waves in the wind and your best friend driving flashes you a wide smile. (<-- that moment)⁠

Singing one of your favorite songs to your crying newborn.⁠

Deep sadness.⁠

Those movie soundtracks? They know what they're doing when you're crying through the movies.⁠

I mix up my playlists based on what I'm writing.

- Claire, Author Services Assistant


Share with us!

Are you an author with a love for music? We would love to hear what you prefer listening to when you're writing or if you switch-up your music genre based on what you're writing! Even better, share a link to your favorite music for writing playlist! Post in the comments section below to share your experience.


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