The Soul Writer Journey: 3 Exciting Updates!

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The Soul Writer Journey has 3 Exciting Updates! Burning Soul Press is creating new opportunities within our Soul Writer Journey that are coming your way. The BSP team has been working hard behind the scenes to realign our programs to fit our deeper purpose.

Our goal is to capture as many stories as possible, connecting those stories with the people they're meant for, and leave a lasting imprint on the world. You may notice (if you haven't already) some shifts happening as we continue to make changes.

Let's get to the exciting updates!


1. The Soul Writer Journey Overhaul

Let's start with the big news! Firstly, we are completely overhauling the Soul Writer Journey course! We've been working on outlining and creating training videos and documents that will help you through every single stage of uncovering your deeper story and message. We are bringing your stories to life in a timeless book, along with the strategies and techniques to connect them with who they were meant to reach. All so your story can inspire, empower, and help as many people as possible. The BSP team is dedicated to creating the right videos you need to help you every step of the way! We're aiming for November 1st, but will keep you posted on the progress. Be sure to check out the new Soul Writer Journey page and share it with anyone that you know could benefit!


Learn more here:



2. Soul Writer Journey Elevated: The Luminary Mentorship


Secondly, We are launching a new mentorship program called the Luminary Mentorship as an add-on to the Soul Writer Journey. In the mentorship program (held in a separate private FB group for mentorship students only), you will receive:


12 months of feedback and guidance on anything you want to share with us! Including editing and critiques on your WIPs, publishing steps, marketing plans, PR plans, and more. We are phasing out the 1:1 book coaching service which this will replace. So, it will also include eight 1:1 sessions with anyone on the Burning Soul Press team based on where you are in your journey when you want to use them. Meaning, if you are writing your book, you can use 1 (or more) with Lauren Eckhardt. If you want to work with an editor you can use 1 (or more) with the editor. Want help with your PR plan? You can use 1 (or more) with our PR expert.


Control how your sessions are used!


Yes, you get to choose how those 8 sessions are used! But you can post in the group at any time requesting feedback on ANYTHING you want feedback on from our Burning Soul Press team and fellow members-- there's no limit! We will also be sharing behind-the-scenes case studies, what's working and what's not for our authors and us as a publishing house so you can learn as we learn.


Publishing guidance galore! You also get full self-publishing and traditional publishing guidance if you choose those routes OR you will have the opportunity to publish with Burning Soul Press or our sister imprint WakeFire Press (with certain limitations-- feel free to ask). Which also includes free professional EDITING! Pretty freaking cool, yeah?


Get in on the beta pricing!


Since this program is new, we are launching a beta version first. If anyone joins by October 25, you can use a special coupon to get massive discounts on joining. PLUS, you receive all of 2021 included yet your membership won't end until the end of December 2022, in which you can renew if you choose to still at the beta price! We just want to use this time to build and tweak the program before we heavily market it. So, as a beta user, you're getting a lot of cool perks.


You can find more information about The Luminary Mentorship here:



3. The Luminary Series - Anthology

And FINALLY, to continue supporting our mission of sharing as many stories as possible, we will be compiling quarterly anthologies based on different themes. Members of the Soul Writer Journey, are automatically eligible to submit a story for any of the themes that speak to you. No, it doesn't cost you extra! It's another way to multiply your impact and share your story with those who need to hear it the most. We will have posts and updates in our Soul Writer Journey group that gives you an opportunity to sign up for whichever theme you want to contribute to! Stay tuned!


For now, you can check out the details here:


Whew! That's all for now! And it's only the beginning... Don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments below! If you're wondering about it, someone else probably is too so I'd rather answer all the questions below so everyone can see them.


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