You Can Create Powerful Book Marketing And Promotion

book marketing lenora henson Feb 17, 2021
You Can Create Powerful Book Marketing And Promotion by Lenora Henson Burning Soul Press

Marketing or Promotion?


Are you struggling with the marketing and promotion of your own book? In fact, while Marketing and Promotion may seem similar there are a few marked differences. Marketing and promoting are both communication strategies used to create awareness about a book while increasing your book sales.⁠


Let's take a look at what makes these two necessary strategies different, but both equally important when launching your new book. We all want a successful book launch, don't we?


Powerful Marketing


Let's start, what exactly is marketing and how does it differ from promotion? Marketing aims at introducing a book to the public and selling it to the customer. That customer is a part of your target audience! This starts by identifying the needs of the customer, communicating their needs, and finishing with a sale.⁠ That includes finding your target audience!


Powerful Promotion


Now, let's move on to promotion! Promotion is focused on bringing awareness to the book, which creates a demand, which in turn will increase sales. Two methods are; Publicity {typically free} and Advertising {typically not free}. The main focus of Promotion is creating positive public approval.⁠ Common promotion practice online includes your favorite social media platforms! You're still going to need to be promoting your book to your target audience and of course family and friends to boost your engagement!


So tell us, how well are you doing with marketing and promoting your book?

-Lenora Henson, BSP Marketing Manager⁠



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