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1:1 Book Coaching

Share your story. Align with your soul's purpose.

Change the world one story at a time. 


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Book a Free 30-minute Discovery Call to find out more. 

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Embrace the fact that you're a writer and let's get the party started. 

What's Your Story? 

Do you have a story burning within you?

Many of us do, but most ignore the urge to write it. We put writing a book on vision boards and announce it for our New Year's resolutions—but little to no progress gets made.

We let uncertainty, self doubt, fear, distractions, lack of time, and a million other reasons stand in the way of fulfilling our soul's truest calling.

So the years pass, and the writing dream fades, but it never disappears completely.

You sit at your corporate desk job, dreaming about writing a book.

When you're driving your car, new book ideas strike you as you roll down the highway. 

With each book you read, you feel the urge stir within you.

Each time you see someone else get published, you think about that book idea that you had years ago. You wonder how it would be if you had wrote it then and feel frustrated that you haven't yet.

Then someone else writes a book and you say, "That was MY idea!" You long for the moment when you first thought of it, wishing that you wrote it first. Now your author dreams seem even further away as you watch that author celebrate writing your book. 

Only 1% of people with a writing dream actually follow through writing and finishing a book. 

Do you want to be an author, or do you want to only dream of being an author? 

The choice is yours. 

If you're here, you're ready to do this.

You're passionate about pursuing your writing dreams. 

You're tuning into the voice deep inside whispering there's more to your purpose here on Earth. 

Now it's time to do something about it. 

You've acknowledged that you're serious about turning your book from a dream into reality.

You understand that it's easier to do it with someone who knows your path well than to risk spinning your wheels doing it alone. 

Now it's time for the next step. 

A clear writing and publishing plan with built-in accountability is the best way to bring that story idea on your heart to life. Writing is a lonely venture. It's why many people struggle with the motivation to finish a book once they start. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With 1:1 Book Coaching, we walk side-by-side through every step of writing, publishing, and marketing your book as you become the author you've always dreamed about being and crush all the goals you set out to reach.

A book can change a person’s life. Not only for you as the author, but for all the readers as well. 

We believe that if an idea has come to you, it’s a privilege. There’s a reason for it, a reason why it chose you. Now it’s your duty to bring it to life. 

What is 1:1 Book Coaching?

One-on-one personalized book mentorship through every stage of the writing journey. Whether help for your book vision, market research, planning, outlining, goal setting, time management, story development, publishing, or marketing, a book coach supports your journey by providing valuable advice, critiques, accountability, and encouragement so you can write and publish your book with confidence and ease.

Why Choose BSP Book Coaching?

Working closely with Lauren, not only will you write and publish your book, but you will learn the tricks of the trade to launch a successful author career. If you have the desire to become a full-time author, Lauren specializes in helping clients launch multiple revenue streams based on their creative strengths to expand their reach and influence. Together, you will scale your digital business, so you can do what you love to do the most.

Perfect for fiction and nonfiction authors alike, whether traditionally publishing or self publishing, new or seasoned. Mostly, BSP Book Coaching is perfect for the authors who are ready to elevate to the next level by digging deep into their most authentic selves and largest dreams, believing that anything is truly possible.

What you gain with 1:1 Book Coaching:

A plan for action.

Gain clarity and watch your story idea form and take shape with a personalized plan to know exactly how to best write your book with accountability to your goals to reach every milestone.

Clarity to overcome obstacles.

Insight and strategy to quickly overcome writer’s block, time management struggles, story barriers, publishing obstacles, and more.  

Developmental edits & feedback.

Avoid plot and structure holes with a knowledgeable and unbiased coach who brainstorms with you while providing honest critiques and suggestions so your confidence in your story grows.

A detailed marketing plan.

Learn the tricks of the trade to launch your author career with success through marketing strategies that target your ideal audience while planning to reach Amazon best seller status. 

Your completed book.

Whether your plans include traditionally publishing or self publishing, receive step-by-step guidance navigating the waters to reach the coveted island of published authors. 

Detailed PR plans.

If selecting the annual package, you’ll also receive a specific PR plan for your book(s) so that your launch is padded with interviews, press releases, book tours, and book signings. 

What Our Clients Say

I’ve thought about writing a book for a while, but could never get over the first few pages. When I met Lauren, I was instantly captivated by her passion. She helped me cultivate my story into what I hoped it would be, but couldn’t figure out how to do on my own. She also made me stick to my goals, even when I didn’t want to. (Haha I love you for it now!) She gave me the confidence I needed to believe I am an author, which is not something I would have confessed to before. The best investment I’ve ever made was hiring her.

Sara D., "The Light in Your Eyes"

I hired Lauren to help me with my most recent manuscript and all I can say is WOW! She provided incredible insight into my storyline and my characters. Her insight launched my book to the next level and helped me fill in the empty gaps. Gaps I would’ve never seen without her unique and talented perspective. I will always work with her on all my manuscripts in the future.

Natalie B. , Best-Selling & Award Winning Author, "House of Memories"

Lauren knows her shit. If you want a book coach who will elevate and guide you through writing your book, she’s your gal. She made sure to get to know me, my strengths and weaknesses so she could support me. Listen, if I could have written this book on my own, I would have. 2 years later, I still hadn’t written it, though. I told Lauren I wanted to write it in 3 months and she helped me do just that, something I wouldn’t have been able to pull off solo. She also made the publishing process super easy. Damn grateful for her soul and expertise and for being there when I needed it the most!

Taylor E.

This is the right opportunity for you if: 

   You are determined to write and publish your book.

   You desire to build a living through your creative strengths.

   You know action and discipline leads to results.

   You are committed to working hard to create the life you desire.

   You believe in your creative power's impact on the lives of others.

   You understand that now is the time to make your dream happen, not tomorrow.

This is NOT the right opportunity for you if: 

   You believe the starving artist is the only type of creative that exists.

   You view writing as a hobby. 

   You aren't committed to fulfilling the call to write the story. 

   You are unwilling to make time in your schedule to write. 

   You aren't coachable and willing to put suggestions into practice. 

   You put things off until tomorrow instead of tackling your dreams today.

Meet Your Book Mentor:

Lauren Eckhardt, CEO, Author, Book Mentor & Ghostwriter at Burning Soul Press

Lauren is an award-winning and best-selling author and ghostwriter with a particular love for writing stories about self-strengthening journeys.

She is also the Vice President of The Writing Champions Project and when she's not writing or reading, she enjoys cooking, traveling, trying her hand in whatever creative outlet she can, and keeping up with her two little guys who are her why that drives her every day. 

With an empathetic heart, Lauren is an incredible listener of people's stories and encourager through their obstacles. As a multi-passionate creative, she's known for generating new ideas and coaching others through the planning and execution of those ideas to reach their goals. She's an advocate for determined and passionate writers who listen to their soul's calling and the number one cheerleader for our authors. Lauren believes that if you're doing one thing that can make an impact (like sharing your story), we look for ways to maximize that impact to help even more people at once since that's what we were put on this earth to do. 

Writing a Book Can Be Hard.

But it Doesn't Have to Be.

As your book coach, I will be as invested in your story as you are. I’ll help answer questions, troubleshoot nagging problems, help you overcome your doubts and guide you to make wise strategic and editorial choices for your book.

You don’t have to do this alone. I can be right next to you cheering you on and helping you with every step you take, with as little or as much feedback and support as you need so you can write this book with confidence and ease. 



Package of 15 hours that you can use anytime you need them. Would recommend focusing on your three primary concerns/obstacles in writing and publishing your book. Can include goal planning, accountability, guidance, coaching sessions, developmental edits, critiques/feedback, and step-by-step process instruction-- all part of the hourly package. Hours are not to exceed one hour per day, five hours per week. 



3-month package that includes everything in the Advance option plus priority scheduling for sessions. We tackle one manuscript with writing and/or publishing (based on where you are in the process when we first start and your short-term goals) with marketing elements mixed within so you know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it to reach each milestone to progress forward. Hours are not to exceed one hour per day, five hours per week, twenty hours per month. 


Author Career

12-month package that includes everything in the Advance and Accelerate packages PLUS unlimited manuscripts, and a detailed PR plan (speaking engagements, podcast interviews, press releases, book tours, book signings) for each book worked on during the 12 months to launch your author career with success. You will also learn how to combine your book with your natural strengths and passions to launch multiple revenue streams to become a full-time author. Hours are not to exceed one hour per day, five hours per week, twenty hours per month. 

**This package is only for those who are truly committed to launching a full author career.**


Ready to get started?

Fill out the application below for 1:1 Book Coaching! 

Are there caps to the monthly and yearly packages?

Yes. The cap is for the coaching to not exceed an hour per day/5 hours per week/20 hours per month/or 240 hours per year per coaching package. If additional hours are needed, they can be purchased at the $150/hr rate. 

What is the difference between ghostwriting and book coaching?

Ghostwriting is essentially someone else writing your book for you. There are interviews so the writer can understand your voice, tone, stories, etc. and notes that you give the writer so they can compose your book. 

A book coach gives you the tips and tricks to help you write your story. They’ll help you find the words and revise it as needed, but you ultimately write every single word, making it 100% your own. 

Are refunds allowed?

Refunds can be given prior to the purchased services taking place but not after. Lauren pours a lot of her time into coaching her clients to make sure they’re set up for success and will work to make sure every goal you set in the coaching process is reached, as long as you take the steps she outlines for you. When you sign up with BSP book coaching services, you’re not committing to us, you’re committing to your book and your success as an author.

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