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Discover 5 Ways to be a Soul Writer

Discover 5 Ways to be a Soul Writer by harnessing your passion, purpose, creative connection, vulnerability, and courage.

What does it mean to be a soul writer and where do you begin? 

Writing is a path to deepen our authentic purpose and gain clarity for our passions. When we approach our writing from a place of conviction, vulnerability, and truth we invite others to do the same. Our job is to connect with our readers at a human level, and to help them take a deeper account of their life as well. 

The act of writing comes as naturally as breathing for some, and for others, it takes an internal work out of our thoughts to raise our voice in a powerful and clear way for others to receive the message. Before you decide you have nothing to say or that your niche has been covered, take stock in the ever-changing climate of our world.  You were made for such a time as this! 

Soul Writer!

The world needs you to pick up your pen. 

Passion in the Pen. 

Passion is born from what matters to you. Take a deep dive and journal about what matters in your life. Passion is captivating! It’s hard to ignore the undeniable fire that lights someone up when they are working in their realm of passion. If you find yourself lacking the motivation to complete the task, go back to what you are fired up to pursue. Passionate writers are action takers, are you committed to exercising your craft even if it’s bad? Your writing will improve if you keep writing. 

Purpose Driven 

Are you seeking out your purpose? Are you wondering if your big audacious dreams are meant for you to pursue? The purpose is the connection! As writers, we seek to connect with our readers at a core level. When you gain clarity in your passion and purpose for life you open limitless possibilities. Peeling back the layers of what drives you into action is how you build momentum to catapult you into the divine direction. 

Creativity and Connection

Creativity is connecting things together. Many people think you are gifted with creativity, and I am here to tell you that creativity is not magic fairy dust that was sprinkled on some of us and not others.  Creativity is a skill that can be developed and expanded. Don’t let your inner critic stop you from making the effort to make new connections between your thoughts, perceptions, and experiences. 

Here are a few tips to build your creativity. 

Read, Learn, and Listen – to create interesting connections we need diverse and new knowledge. 

Become curious about different cultures, social movements, and ideas, ask questions to gain understanding. 

Go meet new people, we learn from each other- never be afraid to make new connections and share your story.


”Vulnerability is not weakness; it is our greatest measure of courage.” Brene Brown.

As important as it is to be vulnerable and bold in our writing it is also crucial that we are vulnerable with our inner dialogue. In facing pain points, challenges, and uncertainty we uncover a deeper level of awareness leading us to our own discovery and lighting the path to better serve others. To intrigue emotion in our readers on a human level we must be willing to show our own humanity.  Where can you practice vulnerability in your writing? 


Practice your courage in other aspects of your life so when you come back to reveal your honest feelings, fears, or ideas you are open to write about what you have just accomplished or failed. Facing the blank page in the privacy of your own mind allows you to confront hard truths. Remove your own borders and rules of what should be and simply be, writing what you know to be true. 

As a Soul Writer you can shift opinions, provide new perspective, and unite the world. If you could change the world for the better, what would you like to teach us? Start here, start now. We are eager to read your message.

 This article was written by Jess Bosch.

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