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The Entrepreneurial Impact Program is an exclusive invite-only program for entrepreneurs who are on a mission to spread their message to the world and want a book to represent their journey to make a lasting impact. Working with CEO and best-selling, award-winning author Lauren Eckhardt, you receive book coaching to bring your book idea to the pages which is followed by a Burning Soul Press publishing contract with 2 years of full marketing and PR support (and 100% royalties) to elevate your reach to the next level.

The Entrepreneurial Impact Program Highlights

  • 12 months of Book Coaching with Weekly Sessions + Detailed Evaluation of Manuscript & Developmental Critiques with Burning Soul Press CEO & Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author Lauren Eckhardt ($24,000 value)
  • A publishing contract with Burning Soul Press
  • 100% Net Royalties from the Book Remain Yours for Life (we don’t take any portion of your royalties because your book sales should be all yours)
  • Line Editing, Proofreading, Book Cover & Interior Formatting Design All Included
  • Global Distribution of Your Book in Ebook, Paperback & Hardcover Formats + Optional Professionally Narrated Audiobook
  • 2 Years of Book Marketing & PR Strategy Support, Coordination, & Pitching to Get You and Your Book Visible to the Target Audience (a $1,500/per month value huge savings!)
  • A powerful impact-driven publishing company in your back pocket

12 payments of $4,400
for 3-year partnership + published book

(includes 1 year of book coaching + publishing with 2 years of Book Marketing & PR Support post-publishing)

Calmed. Book

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