If your soul’s purpose is to inspire, empower, and create a better world, it starts with sharing your story.
We can help you make a powerful impact—just by being you

The Entrepreneurial Impact Program is an exclusive invite-only program for entrepreneurs who are on a mission to spread their message to the world and want a book to represent their journey to make a lasting impact. Working with CEO and best-selling, award-winning author Lauren Eckhardt, you receive book coaching to bring your book idea to the pages which is followed by a Burning Soul Press publishing contract with 2 years of full marketing and PR support (and 100% royalties) to elevate your reach to the next level.

As Seen In

We only accept one new entrepreneurial author per month, specifically choosing the soul-driven authors who share our values and desire to make a positive impact in this world. You must be writing a book to make a difference and NOT just to have as a business card or proof of your authority/credibility.

Burning Soul Press CEO Lauren Eckhardt

The Entrepreneurial Impact Program Highlights

  • 12 months of Book Coaching with Weekly Sessions + Detailed Evaluation of Manuscript & Developmental Critiques with Burning Soul Press CEO & Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author Lauren Eckhardt ($24,000 value)
  • A publishing contract with Burning Soul Press
  • 100% Net Royalties from the Book Remain Yours for Life (we don’t take any portion of your royalties because your book sales should be all yours)
  • Line Editing, Proofreading, Book Cover & Interior Formatting Design All Included
  • Global Distribution of Your Book in Ebook, Paperback & Hardcover Formats + Optional Professionally Narrated Audiobook
  • 2 Years of Book Marketing & PR Strategy Support, Coordination, & Pitching to Get You and Your Book Visible to the Target Audience (a $1,500/per month value huge savings!)
  • A powerful impact-driven publishing company in your back pocket

for 3-year partnership + published book

(includes 1 year of book coaching + publishing with 2 years of Book Marketing & PR Support post-publishing)

or 12 payments of $4,400

Application Required (below). Only 1 applicant selected each month. If you’re not selected one month, your application will be kept on file for the next round.

Burning Soul Press is here every step of the way to help you reach your author dreams, paying close attention to your authentic vision and goals to make them come to life. With writing, editing, design, publishing, marketing, and PR experts behind you, you’ll have everything you need to step into your author career with confidence and success.

We care about your book being released into the world as much as you do because we know the impact it can have. We simply take the guesswork out of the process to make it successful, so you can enjoy the incredible journey and become the author you always wanted to be with full creative control along the way to honor the entrepreneurial spirit within. 

If you run into any issues with the form, please email [email protected]

Why choose us?

Publishing & Marketing Specialists

You don’t have to do this venture alone. You receive a full team of professional specialists in your back pocket to support you in writing, revising, launching, marketing, and public relations to ensure you receive the tools and knowledge you need so your long-term vision for your book and author career comes to life.

Exceptional Service &
Passionate Community

We are committed to exceptional service because as important as it is for your dream of writing and publishing a book to come true, there are also readers out there who NEED to hear your message—and we don’t take either part of that lightly. By publishing through Burning Soul Press, you will be brought into the family of passionate souls lit up for the book world with an unyielding desire to diversify stories to bridge people together.

Soul-Driven Clients

We only work with clients who have a powerful message they want to share with the world through their book (both fiction and nonfiction) that inspires empowerment, reform, new perspectives, enlightenment, hope, or love. We value the telling of raw stories to create true connections and foster a safe space for more people to share their personal stories, the peaks and valleys of their life, to bring to light the beauty that rises even out of the darkest places.