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Exclusive Editor Advice for Authors

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran writer, working with an editor can be a challenge. After all, you’re handing your manuscript – your baby – over to a stranger! Consider this exclusive editor advice for authors and writers throughout the process:

1. Respect Editor Objectivity

An editor experiences your work without the passion, time, and heart you put in. Simply put, the editor is not emotionally involved. Take advantage of this fortunate fact by carefully considering any changes, comments, or suggestions the editor makes about your work. The good. The bad. The ugly. It’s your editor’s job to tell you. Trust the outside perspective they provide. The editor is the reader’s representative and if he or she reacts to the content, so likely will your intended readership.

2. Editor Advice: Don’t Take it Personally

It’s your editor’s job to reorganize syntax, replace words, correct grammar, etc. Sometimes changes are optional based on the editor’s writing style or knowledge of the industry. It’s within your author’s right to disagree, but understand that an editor offers valuable insight into your intended readership and is recommending a change for a reason.

3. Be Prepared to Rewrite

Just sent your manuscript to an editor? Sit back and take a deep breath. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the calm, enjoy the momentary gap in your writing journey. Now prepare yourself to rewrite. Rewrite. And rewrite again. Whether you’re in a developmental edit or a copy edit, you’re in for a rewrite of some sort. But take solace; your manuscript will be better for it!

4. Cool Off

If something an editor does or says rubs you wrong, do not respond immediately. Consider the substance, not the delivery, of the critique. Digest the recommendation and give yourself time to understand the feedback. A good editor will never send an author negative feedback without cause. Trust the process, trust the critique, and move on.

Julie, BSP Project Impact Manager 

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