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How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

You possess an unwavering desire to forge profound bonds, a testament to your inherent empathy and understanding. You are driven not just by the ambition to succeed, but by the conviction to make this world a better place – a place imbued with kindness, compassion, and transformation.

You recognize the power held within an individual’s unique life journey. You appreciate the waves a single story can create, the lives it can touch, the change it can initiate. You know that a personal narrative is a powerful tool – a tool that can illuminate, inspire, and ignite a spark in others.

You are prepared to be brave, to peel back the layers of your existence, to reveal your most authentic self. You understand the power of vulnerability, that by baring your truth, you are opening a door for others to do the same.

Your dedication to capturing your story is unwavering because you realize its potential – you know there are hearts it will touch, minds it will inspire, lives it will change.

Above all, you are poised to give back to those you wish to serve the most. You understand the cyclical nature of inspiration and aspire to keep it flowing by sharing your experiences, wisdom, and lessons learned.

If these sentiments resonate with your innermost desires and goals, then you are the perfect fit for our programs. We welcome you with open arms to Burning Soul Press, a place where your stories will find the light, and your voice will be amplified to create the profound change you aspire to make. Together, let’s write the future, one inspiring story at a time.


What makes Burning Soul Press stand out with publishing? 


Unlike conventional publishers, Burning Soul Press is a hybrid entity—bridging the gap between traditional and self-publishing. We pledge to actualize your book’s vision and objectives while safeguarding your rightful claim to 100% of the royalties from the sales your hard work has garnered. Uniquely, we provide an option to publish under your own established imprint (which we will set up for you). Regardless of whether you opt to publish under our imprint or yours, we empower you with complete creative control over your book and your brand, ensuring it evolves in alignment with your journey. Consequently, the rights to your book remain uncompromised—they are and always will be yours.

Our dedication extends beyond just publishing—we support you in devising a strategic promotion plan to propel your authorial career to greater heights, succeeding beyond the scope of simply launching your book. If you seek a team that values your book’s impact and reach as much as you do, you’ve found your tribe in us.

Founded by authors, for authors, Burning Soul Press is attuned to your needs—we endeavor to empower our clients with opportunities that amplify their impact. The reasons our authors choose us are myriad, yet they all resonate with one core truth—we care. Beyond our professional expertise in book writing, publishing, and promotion, it is our deep respect and care for our authors’ stories that truly distinguishes us from the crowd.