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Finding Your Writing Support Group

Think about the most important moments in your life. Who was there with you? Your people! Throughout life, no matter what challenges and triumphs we may face, we are always accompanied by important people in our life to support us and help us make it through. All the moments, good or bad, we have a support system, and the same can be said for your writing journey!

I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, but who should be in my writing support group?” That’s up to you! While we all need some sort of support when going on journeys of this sort, who you include in that group is going to vary from person to person. All that matters is that you have found the right (or write!) people to support and encourage you and your work. However, it is also important that you are conscious about who you choose to read and provide feedback on your writing. Although you do want people in your circle that are going to support you, you also want to make sure that they are going to be honest and able to provide constructive feedback when necessary. You want these people to give you confidence and support you, while also helping you grow and evolve as a writer. Therefore, it may be a good idea to branch out your support group to include not only close, trusted friends and family, but also others undergoing a similar journey.

Who understands the challenges and triumphs of writing a book better than other authors? Finding fellow authors to go through the writing journey with can help you find author friends within the book world, and it can also turn into a mutually beneficial relationship for the both of you as you help each other grow as writers and readers. It can give you new perspectives on your writing from someone else, who is experiencing the same journey as you, and they may be able to provide feedback from an author’s perspective that you otherwise wouldn’t get. They also may be someone to reach out to when facing challenges, such as writer’s block, and give advice on how they overcome these sorts of challenges. It will also give both authors an inside look into the writing process of authors, which could lead to tweaks and changes to perfect your own writing process! Plus, when it comes time for beta readers and publication, other authors know how important this time is for selling your book, and they’ll be dedicated and delighted to help and promote their fellow author friend! Not to mention, while they’re reading your writing, you’ll also be reading a fellow author’s writing. So, as you’re growing as an author, you’ll also get to read some incredible writing to help you grow as a reader! 

When it comes to finding your writing support group, what that looks like is going to look different for everyone, but what truly matters is that you find the right group of people to support and encourage you on this albeit challenging, but worthwhile journey. Find people that you trust, and you know are dedicated to you and your growth, happiness, and success. 

Are you nervous about the process of finding and reaching out to other authors to go on this writing journey with, or do you simply not know how to? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Join the Soulful Author Journey to find a like-minded group of authors navigating the world of writing one word at a time!

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