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Harness the Power & Learn Something New

Hi, my name is Madelyn Isham and I am a summer 2022 intern with Burning Soul Collective. I’ve had an incredible experience so far, learning about the publishing industry and how our authors share their message with the world. But let me tell you, even though I’ve had this great experience so far, I was terrified to start this internship. 


Because sometimes it’s really challenging to learn something new. In fact, as I sit here drafting this blog post, I’m engaging in a skillset I’ve never practiced before. I’m learning something new; and let me tell you how POWERFUL that feels. 

When I began my college education three years ago, reading and writing for personal enjoyment fell by the wayside. Like many, I found myself caught up in the chaos of coursework, homework, new routines, and finding the balance between education and a social experience. And just as I was starting to find my way, the COVID-19 pandemic shattered the norm I’d created. After a year of navigating the world of virtual learning, I had this epiphany. I realized that even though the world was slowly transitioning back to “normal”, I didn’t want to go back. I desired something new. I craved the opportunity to learn both personally and professionally… and then Burning Soul Collective offered me an internship. 

Interning with Burning Soul Collective has allowed me to apply what I have learned in the classroom to the real world. In my journey so far, I have found new interests and have had numerous opportunities to utilize and improve various skills. For so long I was looking for the power and vigor that comes along with learning something new, and it is safe to say that interning with Burning Soul Collective is just what I needed!

Let’s break down the Power.

  1. Burning Soul Collective specializes in turning life stories into empowering books. We support authors along their publishing journey and strive to amplify their voices and empower others. This mission was entirely new for me! And I was fascinated to learn more about Burning Soul Collective and all that goes into the publishing industry. But as thrilled as I was to learn something new, stepping outside my comfort zone was a struggle. This experience is my first virtual internship, and I was nervous to begin. I was uneasy about creating a new routine and building relationships. Simply put, my confidence level was low. On the first day of my internship, I told myself it was now or never. I needed to stop worrying about the unknown. It was my turn to show myself what I was capable of. Since day one of my internship, I have knocked down many of those walls that prohibited me from achieving success. Every week I am learning more and more about not only the publishing industry, but also about myself. 
  2. As I began my internship experience with Burning Soul Collective, I was astonished to learn all that went into publishing a book. The dedication, continuous efforts put forth, the desire for success, and growing a community are things that I have experienced first-hand. Throughout this internship, I’ve learned that it’s not just about the book itself; rather, it’s about the author, the publishing team, the root of inspiration, and the audience. Knowing that I have been able to contribute to the success of our authors has been such an incredible experience. And just playing a small part in their journey has helped me to see the endless opportunities in the industry and potential for my own career path. 
  3. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet incredible people and enhance my communication skills. By stepping out of my comfort zone and learning something new, I have built confidence for the future. I quickly discovered that this is not just an internship experience to add to a resume; this is an internship experience that has positively impacted me and continues to inspire me to take big leaps towards something new. 

And I’ve learned a valuable lesson about vulnerability. Learning only happens when you fully step beyond your comfort zone. 

As my internship with Burning Soul Collective continues, I am looking forward to breaking down more walls that have held me back in the past. Interning with Burning Soul Collective has taught me that by being my true self and taking new experiences one step at a time, the possibilities are endless. 

In sum, I think we can all benefit from taking an extra step forward and opening our minds to new possibilities. The power that comes along with learning something new is what inspires us to continue trying new things. And I’m so thankful that this experience has helped me learn that. 

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