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How to Choose Your Publishing Path

Most people think that publishing your book means getting picked up by a traditional publishing house, but that’s not the only path you can take. There are actually three primary ways to publish your book and it’s important to explore them all before making this very important decision: choosing your path. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, or maybe you’re not even sure what they are.

Let’s walk through the primary types of publishing as well as their pros and cons so you can better decide which path to publication is right for you.

First, Traditional Publishing.

This is the route many people think of when they think of publishing. An author will sell their book (and the creative rights to their book) to a publishing company, and the company will handle nearly the entire process. This includes editing, publishing and distribution, and some promotion. Traditional publishing can be good because a larger publishing house has resources and connections in the industry and can assist with marketing your book much more widely, and get you into more bookstores – meaning more copies could get sold.

However, this option also can take a long time due to the competitive market. Not only may you need to pitch to and hire a literary agent in order to get your foot in the door, but once a publishing house picks up your book, you will be at the whim of their timeline. Once your book is chosen, it’s also important to know that you as the author will have far less control over the editing, creative, and aesthetic decisions made about your book, and while you might receive a signing bonus for the rights of your book, you will only retain 10%-20% of your book’s net royalties (aka, the profit after the cost of printing & distribution).

Second, Self-Publishing. 

On the other end of the spectrum is self-publishing. If you choose to take this route, you will have 100% creative control and all profits will be yours, but it will also be 100% your responsibility to handle or find professionals to edit and proofread your manuscript, format the interior for print and ebook, design a cover, create your branding, and manage book launch and promotion.

You will have to create your own imprint to publish under, but without publication under an esteemed imprint, you work harder to get your book into bookstores, if that is a goal of yours. (Your local bookstores will likely be happy to carry your book, though.) You may also choose to publish strictly as an ebook, which would increase your net royalties further because there are no printing fees involved.

This is a great option for those who value creative control over having a big name behind their book.

Last, Hybrid Publishing.

For those who like the idea of retaining 100% creative control and 100% of the rights to your book but want support with the publishing process, hybrid publishing might be the route for you. Professional level editing and proofreading, interior formatting, cover design, and publishing and distribution (in ebook, paperback, and hardcover) will all be taken care of for you at any hybrid publisher.

This means you don’t have to become a publishing pro overnight or hire individual freelancers to do these tasks for you, and you receive these services from industry experts without giving up creative control or your earnings. For some, including Burning Soul Press, you will also be given guidance and support in your book launch and book promotion.

Here at Burning Soul, we’re dedicated to providing authors with guidance through every step of the writing journey to make an impact with the story you know best—your own. With programs like the Soulful Author Journey, we not only help you write your book, but also walk you through self-publishing and promotion, too. And if you are ready for publishing, but you know that hybrid is the path for you, we offer publishing packages so that you can publish your book your way – with our team of experts to help!

We are here to help you if you find yourself stuck along the path to your dreams. ✨ In a journey that is tailored to you, we will provide you with book writing assistance, help with navigation of the publishing world so you can hold your book in your hand, and aid in the promotion of your book – whether in the Soulful Author Journey or as your book publisher. 🔥

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