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How to Make a Writing Space Yours

There is no one perfect writing space. What’s perfect for someone, might not be perfect for you. So, instead of trying to make your writing space perfect, try making it yours.

For me, my writing space would be all about coziness. What does that look like? It looks like a chaise lounge where I can sit upright but with my feet kicked up. It’d be in the corner of the room so I can look out at everything. It’d be under a window, allowing ample rays of light to stream across. There would be blankets upon blankets. And candles would be lit. 

So, let’s make your writing space yours

What is a Writing Space and Why is it Important? 

A writing space, in the simplest of words, is a space for what writers do: write. And so, making it yours will allow for making your writing yours, which is when it is at its best quality.

In other words, if you’re writing in a space that’s not working for you, then your writing is going to reflect that.  

Take a look at this quote:

“I had a close look at my desk just now and realized that it just wasn’t designed for quality writing.”

How I Write: The Secret Lives of Authors 

As stated above, some writing spaces are just not designed in the best way for you. Look at it this way: would you listen to music you don’t like? Would you visit places you have no interest in? Would you surround yourself with people who make you feel uncomfortable?

If the answers are no, then why would you write in a space that’s not working for you?

Where to Start when Making a Writing Space Yours?

There are a variety of factors that can affect your writing space and in turn, affect your ability to write. Here are the questions to ask yourself:

1. Where do I want my writing space to be?

  •  If you are a person who values coziness and familiarity, try writing in a home
    office or room, or even your local library or coffee shop, where you can get
    comfortable. On the contrary, if you are a person who finds comfort in nature, try
    writing outside on the grass either under a tree or by a pond, or even at a beach.

2. What resources am I going to use?

  •  Here’s when you need to think if you are a paper person or a screen person. Once
    understood, make sure to have your materials out and ready.

3. What lighting works best for me?

  • Do you prefer bright fluorescent lighting, or maybe dim and warm lighting? Or
    what about natural lighting from a window? Whatever the case, implement your
    choice in your space.

4. What scents do I like?

  • There are a variety of scents out there, and they can help you focus when writing.
    Make sure to choose a scent that smells good to you and won’t give you a
    headache. Some options are floral scents, clean scents, musky scents, and sweet

5. What temperature feels right?

  • If you write better when you’re warm, make sure your thermostat is set
    accordingly and maybe grab some blankets. Oppositely, if you are more focused
    when it’s cool, try opening a window or sitting outside for some breeze.

Now that you know how to make your space yours, it’s time to get started.

Better yet? When your writing space is finally yours, you could test it out right here, right now. With Burning Soul Collective’s 30-day writing challenge, which offers prompts and guidance that challenge you to 30 days of thoughtful, meaningful, and powerful writing, you have 30 days of writing at your fingertips. 

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