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Programs & Courses

To meet you at every stage of your writing and author journey. 

Monthly Author Playbook

Literally the M.A.P. for author success

The Monthly Author Playbook is a manageable action list including: ideas for new and fresh social media and newsletter content, marketing and PR tips, ways to challenge yourself, and access to our ever-growing list of upcoming writing contests and book awards.

Highly recommended for first-time authors and authors who need help developing content month after month.


One Month Manuscript

No more “tomorrow” – we start today

To the writer who knows they are ready to write their book: what if you wrote it in 30 days? 

Meet the One Month Manuscript: your fast-track toward life as a nonfiction author.

No other method will push you to write (and maybe finish) your book with as much heart as your reader and your legacy deserves. 


Self Publishing Guide Bundle

publish your book with confidence

The Self Publishing Guide Bundle includes workbooks for each of the three major stages of self publishing your book: publishing, launching, and promotion.

Instead of spending countless hours, days, or weeks researching and strategizing how to self publish, this Bundle allows you to skip the arduous process.


more than a customer

become a member of the Burning Soul community

Soulful Author Journey

Discover the Soulful Author Journey, a transformative online writing program designed to guide you through the complex world of authorship. Our course offers a comprehensive step-by-step approach to writing, publishing, and promoting your book, providing clarity, accountability, and confidence throughout your journey.

Let your journey towards impactful storytelling and successful authorship begin with the Soulful Author Journey.

Book Publishing

Our authors are not just writers – they are visionaries, change-makers, inspirers, and leaders.

At Burning Soul Press, we champion authors like you, those with a burning desire to do ‘more’ with their words and bring light to the people who need it the most.

If your book is your call to action, your beacon for change, your instrument to inspire and empower the world, then you’re one of us.

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