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Three Things I Learned Publishing My First Book

Writing my first book, Stop, Drop, Grow, & Glow, has been a fantastical whirlwind. I went from thinking and dreaming about writing a book for years, to taking actionable steps and following through to completion. I partnered with Burning Soul Press to start writing and began with the Soulful Author Journey program they offer. This gave me an incredible framework, as well as accountability, to keep writing and keep showing up. Getting to the end of their program I realized what I had created was worthy of becoming a book and something that should be shared with parents everywhere, and I went on to have this team help me edit and publish my book. I am pleased to share I have just won my first literary award for Stop, Drop, Grow, & Glow and am very proud to share I am now an award-winning author! I have learned many lessons since setting out on the path of becoming an author, but to narrow it down, the three things I have learned publishing my first book are as follows:

First, believe in yourself and your ability to wear the hat of an author. We all have a unique story and gift to share and your gift to humanity is one that should be unwrapped. I have truly realized becoming an author, and a wellness advocate, is my soul’s purpose (outside of being a mother) and it feels amazing to have activated this awareness. I am truly on a mission to keep the momentum going and bring more intention, joy, and wellness to people around the world, parents especially. Writing is a tremendous way to reach the masses and leave a lasting imprint of your legacy.

Second, there are days you want to write and feel inspired and there are days you don’t. On the days inspiration isn’t landing, don’t force it. Your writing will be much better if you write when inspiration strikes. Don’t rush the process. If you have a story to tell, trust it will unfold with divine timing. Also, when you start writing consider carrying a pen & paper or your phone to capture the magic when ideas start to swirl. Trust me when I say you might get the inspiration for a sentence or word you’ve been trying to capture when you are at the gym or on a hiking trail, and it is what you’ve been waiting for, but if you don’t write it down, odds are you will forget it by the time you get back to your computer. This takes practice to remember, but it’s worth it, especially when you are in the thick of writing your book.

Third, make your writing journey a joyful one! Truly enjoy the process of writing. Find a smile when you sit down to write. Be intentional about making your writing space feel good so you want to be there. Let this process light you up from root to crown. If you are called to write, don’t make it drudgery. Light a candle, drink your favorite cup of tea or coffee, let the sunshine kiss your cheek as you put your pen to paper. Infuse the journey of becoming an author with love and with your best intentions of creating something with lasting impact. You are more capable than you might give yourself credit for. 

To wrap, the three things I have learned since publishing my first book are: believe, receive when the time is right, and find joy on your journey. Live your truth and write the story you were born to write. I don’t know you (yet), but I believe in you.

Glow On, ❤️


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