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Sharing your message and story with the world to make a lasting impact

One Soulful Story to a Better World

Burning Soul Press is on a mission to become the trusted imprint for high-quality, impactful books that uplift, inspire, and empower readers on their life paths. While not a traditional “Christian publisher,” Burning Soul Press seeks to publish books that reflect the timeless principles of the Kingdom, regardless of whether they explicitly mention God. The company is looking for authors whose stories and ideas align with these values and have the potential to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Burning Soul Press remains committed to its unique approach of allowing authors to maintain 100% of all rights to their book and receive all royalties, as we believe the author should be the primary beneficiary of their book’s impact. This is a significant difference from traditional publishing, where publishers typically take an average of 80% of the author’s royalties and own the rights to the book, regardless of whether it sells 50 or 50,000 copies.

In a traditional publishing model, the publisher assumes the financial risk and handles the editing, production, marketing, and distribution of the book. However, the author often has less control over the final product and receives a small percentage of the royalties. In contrast, hybrid publishing, like Burning Soul Press, offers a combination of the services provided by traditional publishers and the autonomy of self-publishing. Authors pay for the publishing services upfront but retain complete control over their book and earn every cent of their royalties that come from book sales.

Burning Soul Press is committed to removing every possible barrier to telling the stories that need to be heard. Focused more on service, than profit, we have lowered publishing costs for Kingdom-oriented books to be as close to our own expenses as possible, reducing the price to $8,500 (from $15,000). For authors who desire coaching while writing their book, an additional $1,500 will be added.

By prioritizing the greater cause above all else, Burning Soul Press is taking an unconventional approach to publishing, ensuring that authors can share their stories and ideas that align with the principles of the Kingdom while maintaining control over their work and earning the majority of the profits generated by their book’s success.



  • Global ebook, paperback, and hardcover print-on-demand distribution of your book so it can reach more people internationally
  • Captivating and professional book cover design so that your book stands out to your target audience and speaks to the contents inside
  • Professional interior formatting so the inside matches the outside for a seamless reader experience
  • U.S. Copyright & cataloging to protect your book and allow it to be purchased by retailers
  • Professional developmental edits, line edits, & proofreading 
  • Formal publishing under the Burning Soul Press imprint as a book that will inspire and change lives
  • 100% net royalties remain yours
  • 100% rights to the book remain yours
  • Complete control of your account, including access to daily sales reports and unlimited ordering of your book at wholesale price
  • A customized book marketing and promotion guide including a made-for-you launch plan, so you know how to promote you and your book’s message to media outlets, podcasts, magazines, and more
  • A passionate team that is backing you every step of the way and who cares about your book as much as you do
  • Continuous support via Slack where authors can reach out at any time with questions or for advice, maintaining momentum and receiving timely assistance throughout the publishing process.

Total Cost: $8,500

We are more than a publisher; we are your ally. Our mission is to amplify your book’s reach and impact, ensuring your message resonates with as many readers as possible. With us by your side, you’re never alone on this journey. We become your dedicated team, shouldering the load so that you can focus on what you do best – creating meaningful content.

We will only accept manuscripts that align with our mission. Burning Soul Press has the right to accept or decline any manuscript since it’s not just a service we provide, but also our name that is representing the book.