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SEO: 6 Easy Tips to Optimize your Blog

You’ve written a book. Congratulations! The hard work is done, right? Well, true and false. You may have put your words down on paper, but now that story needs to meet the world. And so, the task of growing your author platform has just begun. 

You need a website. 


You need a newsletter. 


You need a social media presence. 


Oh – and start a blog too! 

The list goes on… but the work doesn’t have to be too time-consuming or challenging if you know the secrets for success. Let your words do the work for you… and bring ideal readers to your page!  

Follow these six easy tips to optimize your blog.

1. Consider your headline: the title you choose for your blog needs to pack a punch and deliver something tangible for your readers. Choose words that evoke emotion – or words that are rarely used. 

2. Repetition: remember the powerhouse words you selected for your headline? Repeat them. That’s right. Go against everything you know about writing and repeat the same words in your first paragraph. 

3. Structure: think of your blog as a recipe. Help your reader on the journey with step-by-step, easy-to-follow directions. 

4. Readability is your friend: SEO is powered by readability, so pull your reader along for the ride with basic transition words (first, second, or third) or numerically identify your take-a-ways (ex: 6 strategies to optimize your blog) See what I did there? Not only did I optimize readability, but I’ll earn credit for repeating keywords and phrases! 

5. Wordcount: a solid blog should be at least 350 words. If you find that your content doesn’t allow for that minimum word count, it’s likely better used for a social media post. Blog content should always be lengthier than what you post on social. 

6. Rinse and repeat: you read that right. Repeat yourself – again. SEO searches for the repetition of keywords and phrases. To optimize your SEO in blogging, be sure to include your headline words at least 2-3 times throughout. 

It’s that simple. If you’re working to grow your author presence – and blogging is part of that plan – use these 6 key strategies to optimize SEO. You’ll be glad you did (and so will your readers!) 

This article was written by Julie Navickas PR Manager in conjunction with DeShea Bentley Brand Impact Manager, both of Burning Soul Press.

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