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Author Services

Book coaching, editing, and publishing services.

We believe that every book carries a unique potential to inspire change, generate dialogue, and cultivate profound understanding.

At Burning Soul Press, our mission is to assist others in harnessing the power of storytelling to spark significant movements and establish compelling missions. 

We believe that every book carries a unique potential to inspire change, generate dialogue, and cultivate profound understanding. Thus, we provide comprehensive support to authors, not only in crafting and publishing their books, but also in leveraging these narratives as powerful tools to ignite social, cultural, or personal revolutions. Our ultimate goal is to empower authors to transcend the realm of written word, turning their books into catalysts for impactful change and the bedrock of enduring legacies.

We want to meet you exactly where you’re at on your author journey and offer three different services below: 

Developmental Editing + Book Coaching 

Comprehensive developmental editing and book coaching, tailored to support you in a crafting compelling and well-structured manuscript. Our focus is on enhancing narrative structure, character development, thematic coherence, and overall storytelling effectiveness.

Bi-Weekly Zoom Sessions: We propose interactive one-on-one sessions every two weeks (or a max of 6 sessions to be used in any amount of time, not to exceed 3 months), dedicated to discussing and refining the book’s structure, themes, plot, and character development. These sessions are tailored to the book’s genre and the author’s unique voice, providing a space for creative ideation and effective content development. 

Comprehensive Manuscript Review: Our approach includes a thorough reading and analysis of the entire manuscript. We aim to understand and respect the author’s vision, providing detailed feedback that highlights the work’s strengths and pinpoints areas for improvement. Our goal is to ensure the message is consistently powerful and engaging throughout the manuscript.

Detailed Chapter Analysis: Our service includes a meticulous chapter-by-chapter review. We provide specific recommendations to enhance each chapter’s contribution to the overall narrative. Our focus is on clarity, depth, and engagement, ensuring a smooth and compelling reading experience.

 Continuous Guidance via Slack: To ensure ongoing support and seamless writing experience, we offer access to a dedicated Slack channel. Here, the author can reach out at any time with questions or for advice, maintaining momentum and receiving timely assistance throughout the writing process.

Additional Support: We also emphasize the author’s personal growth in writing skills. Our services include:

  • Guidance on narrative techniques, character development, and thematic depth.
  • Exercises and tips to enhance writing skills and storytelling abilities.
  • Encouragement for authors, especially memoirists, to introspect and weave their personal experiences effectively into their writing. 

Our developmental editing and book coaching services are designed to guide authors through every step of their writing journey. By combining structural editing with personal coaching, we aim to help authors not only complete their manuscripts but also evolve as storytellers.

3 Payments of $2,250 or 1 payment of $5,000

Enhanced Book Coaching Services with Full Editing 

Work with a book coach AND a book editor to enhance your book and get it ready for publishing.

You will receive all of the Developmental Editing + Book Coaching Above PLUS:  

Line Edits: We provide creative feedback on your manuscript. In line editing, We’ll focus on your word choice and determine if each sentence achieves your intended impact. Line editing clarifies meaning, eliminates jargon, and ensures each sentence sounds right as the reader experiences your book. 

Copy Edits: Copy editing services include checks for technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals, hyphenation, and basic fact-checking following the citation or style guide you plan to use. We are extremely familiar with APA, MLA, and Chicago. ​

Proofreading: Simple but comprehensive proofreading of your manuscript. This should be the final step in your editing process. Proofreading includes catching and correcting typos, grammatical errors, POV, tense, and even formatting as the last line of defense before publishing. We are willing to make these changes directly or track the changes based on your preferences. We respect that some authors want to be aware of every change and others just want the service completed so they can move on to the next step.


3 Payments of $3,600 or 1 payment of $10,000

Author Publishing Package + 3 Months of Book Coaching 

Embrace the next big step in your author journey with our comprehensive publishing package that includes up to 3 months of book coaching, expertly crafted to propel you to success and beyond.

With our package, your book will enjoy global distribution in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats through print-on-demand services, allowing you to reach an international audience with ease. Your book’s aesthetic is important to us, hence our professional cover design service will ensure your book’s exterior communicates effectively with your target audience, while the interior formatting promises a seamless reading experience. Have a completed book in your hands at the end of working with Burning Soul Press. 

  • Up to 3 months of book coaching (see package details above)
  • Global ebook, paperback, and hardcover print-on-demand distribution of your book so it can reach more people internationally
  • Book cover design so that your book stands out to your target audience and speaks to the contents inside
  • Interior formatting so the insides can match the outside for a seamless reader experience
  • U.S. Copyright & Cataloging to protect your book and allow it to be purchased by retailers
  • Professional developmental edits, line edits & proofreading 
  • Publishing under the Burning Soul Press imprint as a book that will create generational change
  • 100% net royalties remain yours
  • 100% rights to the book remain yours
  • Complete control of your account, including access to daily sales reports and unlimited ordering of your book at wholesale price
  • Access to our customizable marketing and launching plans, plus public relations training, so you know how to promote you and your book’s message to media outlets, podcasts, magazines, and more
  • A passionate team that is backing you every step of the way and who cares about your book as much as you do
  • Your work will be protected through U.S. Copyright and Cataloging, making it purchasable by retailers while maintaining its uniqueness. The package also includes professional developmental edits, line edits, and proofreading, ensuring your book’s content is top-notch.

Here’s the exciting part; you can choose to publish under one of our renowned imprints or create your very own branded imprint with our assistance, empowering you to build your author brand while maintaining complete creative control.

With us, you retain 100% net royalties and full rights to your book. Moreover, you get total control over your account, which includes access to daily sales reports and unlimited ordering of your book at wholesale price. 

To amplify your success, we offer you access to our customizable marketing and launch plans, along with public relations training. This will enable you to effectively promote your message to media outlets, podcasts, magazines, and more. 

3 payments of $5,500 or 1 payment of $15,000

Meet Lauren

Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning and best-selling author, ghostwriter, and book coach and the CEO of Burning Soul Press.

“My life’s purpose is to capture as many authentic stories as possible to inspire and empower others while creating powerful movements that generate positive change that last lifetimes. Our book coaching and publishing services have been created to help mission-driven authors establish and grow their author platforms to get their message into as many hands as possible.”

Lauren is especially passionate about elevating Kingdom-focused books and messages. She’s also the mama to two little guys who are her why that drives her every day to create a better world through the stories that inspire and empower others, bringing light to those who need it the most. Lauren lives in Nashville, TN surrounded by many, many books. 

Meet Allison

Allison is the in-house Senior Editor at Burning Soul Press.

She has been working with Burning Soul authors for the last four years, having edited well over 1 million words (and most of them through several editing rounds). She spent the first six years of her career working in public relations and continues using these skills to help authors navigate book promotion and book launch strategies. 

Allison is passionate about the structure and strategy of language within the complexities of storytelling and takes pride in her nickname “the walking thesaurus.” She lives in Central, IL and spends her time offline with her golden retriever, Barley.

“I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Lauren and Allison from Burning Soul Collective on my memoir. From start to finish, their editing was top-notch. They took the time to understand and appreciate my story, as well as how I wanted it to sound. Their feedback was always honest yet professional, providing me with valuable advice that I could use to make my work even better. They gave me the ability to find clarity and purpose within my writing, as well as helped me hone my narrative voice and structure.

Lauren’s editing skills and one on one coaching conversations have been nothing short of amazing. She helped me to develop my book in ways that I hadn’t even considered – her guidance and input were invaluable. She managed to show me a whole new outlook. Lauren has become like family to me, so she is stuck with me lol. I’m so grateful for the help she has given me with my book. Thank you Lauren – you are truly amazing!

I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to helping me bring my story to life. Lauren and Allison are consummate professionals, and I highly recommend their services!”

– Kenneth Nixon, Jr., Award-Winning Author

“Lauren Eckhardt and Burning Soul Press made the journey of writing my memoir possible. She is a wonderful coach and encourager.

The hundreds of hours we’ve spent crying and laughing together over the past year will always be some of my favorite memories.

– Gina Defa, Best-Selling Author

“As I look back I see so much I would never have thought of doing, and so much I would not have known how to do, were I publishing this book independently. I am extremely grateful that Lauren Eckhardt came into my life when and as she did, and helped me to feel the confidence that I could and should share this book with others. When a publisher can be businesslike and still leave no doubt that you are also a friend, you know you are in the right place. And I have been floored by the advocacy and support I have received from each one of Lauren’s team.”

– Marcia Nathai-Balkisoon, Best-Selling Author

“I’ve never felt so supported and taken care of in going all in chasing my dreams. Every single member of the Burning Soul Press team has made an impact.

I want to thank Burning Soul Press for the support in helping me find avenues to reach out with this message. I appreciate you all very much.”

– Jennifer Hobbs, Award Winning & Best-Selling Author