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How Sharing My Story Inspired My Next Passion

One year after publishing my book, Life Your Life For You (Not Your Mom) in January 2023, my life completely transformed. First, let me rewind: it all started around the birth of my first child in 2017. 

I was 38 years old, stable nursing career, new marriage, and new house. Life was good. And then… my ultimate longest dream came true, I became a mom! It was everything I could have hoped for! And yet, my heart felt torn.  Am I done dreaming? Is that it? I felt selfish even thinking of another desire. If I voiced it out loud to loved ones, I was asked if I was ungrateful.  And yet, I couldn’t quite my heart. That desire to dream and make an impact in this world (while being a mom) kept growing stronger. I just knew that dreams don’t have to end at motherhood. 

For years, I shared stories about the experiences and life lessons I learned from my challenging mother-daughter relationship. My mom constantly kept saying, “I gave up my life for my kids” (first with pride and later sounded resentful). I knew it would be my obligation to write a different story for myself. 

The strangest thing happened in my mid-thirties, people told me, “you should write a book about it.” That little nudge lasted seven years. After the birth of my second daughter, it was finally time to share my story when I saw myself repeating patterns like my mom.  It was time to provide support for women with difficult mother daughter relationships and let them know they are not alone. It was time to create a resource to break cycles! 

With divine timing, I learned about Burning Soul Press and just new that this was the answer I needed to get my book into this world. They had launched a “One Month Manuscript” challenge and I jumped on board so fast it scared me. I signed up for the challenged and completed my first draft in 30 days! I couldn’t believe that I stuck to this goal and worked hard to get my initial words on paper. I made something possible (scary, messy, imperfect) and now had the confidence to move forward.

Six months later, with the help of Burning Soul Press, my book was published and released. 

Just six months after the book was born, I founded a company called, Empowered Moms. I help ambitious moms get out of fear, guilt, and doubt to live a life full of purpose and passion again through community, collaboration, and coaching services. Because, dreams don’t have to end at motherhood!

What transpired after my first book came a true confidence in believing in myself that anything is possible and I love that I can model that for my children. I’ve been able to grow a successful community and coaching business, been featured on 50 podcasts, two news segments on TV, keynote speaking engagements, and hosted my first 100+ person live event supporting moms.

Today, I stand as a symbol of resilience, ready to guide fellow moms through the transformative journey I took. I’m living proof that we can redefine our lives, overcome challenges, and mend difficult relationships. Closing one chapter isn’t an end; it’s the beginning of a new story. I’m here to empower other moms to create lives they genuinely love. It might be a scary and messy journey, but as I’ve learned, it’s a journey worth taking. I’m here to share my story, inspire change, and show every mom that despite the struggles, they too can forge a path to a life they love.

Sometimes, when you share your story with the world, it leads you to your next great adventure.

Emily Jacobs was a participant in the One Month Manuscript course, which guided her through writing her memoir in 30 days, and a member of the Soulful Author Journey, a group coaching course & community through which she learned how to self-publish her book in less than one year.

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