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Build confidence in your story, writing, and most importantly, your most authentic self. 
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You have stories worth telling.

Besides... you wouldn't have found us here if you didn't have something to write about.

Our life journeys are full of stories—our experiences, the characters, and the developments that have contributed to who we are today.

When we meet someone new, we use the stories of our lives to form connections. We use stories to gauge how much we have in common with other people or how different our perspectives may be. We use stories to explain who we are and why.

Many people who consider writing a book assume they aren't interesting enough... yet they share stories of their life and live to experience new stories every single day.

Often people fear they lack the skills to write their story... and as a result, they miss out on one of the most fulfilling, therapeutic, and rewarding creative outlets in life. 

The Soul Writer Society was created to bring writers from all backgrounds and experiences together to learn from each other, exploring our life journeys and how we perceive and apply the things we learn.

We aren't here to judge your writing abilities or techniques. We're here to empower you to write in YOUR way to release the story within that's dying to be told.

The Soul Writer Society celebrates everyone's unique approaches to writing. Even within the Burning Soul Press team—none of us approach our writing the same way. We believe the most important ingredient for writing successfully is that it feels authentic to the person writing it. All else is secondary.

Writing and storytelling are intuitive— when we allow ourselves to turn off our brains and trust ourselves.

That's what the Soul Writer Society is all about. We're here to grow together, to trust our soul over our mind, and learn as much as we can so we become better and more confident authors every single day and bring more powerful stories into this world to make it a better place.

Having a strong, supportive group of fellow writers is so important—to celebrate the wonderful and beautiful quirks that separates creatives from the rest of the world, to have people to bounce ideas off, and to be inspired by the flowing energy that comes out of writers when they're in the zone.

The world needs your unique self, voice, and story—and the Soul Writer Society will empower you to write and share it with the world in the most liberating, effective, and powerful methods.

In short, we are book nerds obsessed with learning as much as possible and lifting each other up to become the best and most authentic authors we can be. We know we can make a positive impact in this world. If this sounds like you, join us! You'll be embraced with open (virtual) arms and you'll walk away a better and more confident author with an army of like-minded writer friends. 

"To me, writing your story is one of the most important things you can do with your time in the world. It memorializes your impact, your artistic contribution to this world, especially when it reflects the most authentic and truest form of you.

Burning Soul Press CEO, Lauren Eckhardt

An inspirational and motivational community of writers and lifelong learners that will help you write from the soul and grow as an author.


The Soul Writer Society is a powerful group program supporting lifelong learners and writers through every stage of an author journey with weekly writing sessions, brainstorming sessions, book studies, education, and more. This group will keep you focused, and allow you to brainstorm with others, while providing you with the insights and tools you need to build your confidence in writing and publishing your story. The group is open to writers of any genre, niche, or topic, so long as your soul is in it and you have a heart for learning.

What you receive as a Soul Writer: 

  • Live writing sessions with a dynamic group & accountability check-ins to maintain writing as a priority and continually exercise the muscle. 
  • Live group brainstorming sessions to help you overcome any obstacles, based on a variety of topics with the soul-writer twist from planning, writing, creating (publishing), connecting (marketing), and impact (the endurance of your story and message).
  • Monthly book club picks and group discussions related to improving our writing techniques so we can exchange perspectives and the golden nuggets that we pull from each book. 
  • Access to the Monthly Author Playbook for content, tips, and actions to simplify your author journey. ($99 annual value)
  • Monthly SoulStory Open Mics are an opportunity to share your story and writing with the group
  • Interviews and Q&A sessions with authors and industry experts  who are lighting up the world with their stories and impact.
  • A safe space to ask any question you have and receive feedback and answers that are supportive and knowledgeable. 
  • Exercises and prompts that strengthen your author voice and authentic delivery. 
  • Connection and collaboration opportunities with other impact-driven souls to extend your reach and inspire new ideas. 
Join the Soul Writer Society - $42 per month

The Soul Writer Society is successful as a result of our active member participation. Due to which, the Society is a month-by-month membership you can cancel or reinstate at anytime. For example, if you have a busy three months during which you know you cannot be active, you may cancel your membership within your account and rejoin when you're ready again. 

Uncover the roots of your story and the message within. Develop writing confidence with unwavering support and endless education and guidance. Be an authentic author making an impact through their writing.

Bonus: The Soul Writer Journey Course

The Soul Writer Journey course is a unique video curriculum including twelve powerful modules with videos and guides. Authors work through the course as they work through and strengthen their book: gathering their unique stories, writing with purpose and impact, publishing and marketing their book and making a powerful difference in this world.

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The soul writer journey course was just the thing I was looking for to get me out of a creative slump. The sense of community made such a difference for me and engaged me in writing in many new and diverse ways. Writing is an isolated activity, and the group made me feel like part of a family. I needed that, and so did my stories.”

-Leah Spradlin

"Lauren and her team are helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about supporting writers to reach their goals and succeed. Lauren teaches the tools and skills to support your writing journey in a natural, accessible and truly inspiring way! Through the course, I made the necessary changes and recommitted to the book that I’ve been ‘thinking about’ and ‘dabbling with’ writing for a decade now – I feel confident that I’ll finish my book (and possibly many more) with the inspiration, support, accountability and structure that Lauren and her team at Burning Soul Press offer.
I was so impressed by Lauren’s passion, which shines through her eyes and everything she says."

-Liz Witherspoon

“With this being my first venture as an author, I was 100% that person who would have questions popping up from other questions. This would have left me overwhelmed and possibly even caused me to quit. Thankfully Lauren and Burning Soul were there to guide me quickly and with all the help and resources I needed to stay on track. I would recommend Burning Soul Press and the Mastermind program no matter what stage of your writing journey you’re in. There are resources, helpful tips and tricks, and support for every aspect of the writing process.”

-Trevor Creaman, Author of "Augmented Humanity"

A few of our Soul Writers turned Soul Authors
impacting the world with their story.

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