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Soul Writer Society

For those wanting to write their life story, whether for them, their family, or the world.

The most simple yet supportive and effective writing program you can join. The goal: a community of others passionate about writing their life story, coming together and writing together to keep each other inspired and motivated to bring their story to the pages.

The Soul Writer Society is a collective for writers at any stage of their journey, providing an opportunity to connect with other writers, dive deeper into their writing, embrace their unique voice and authenticity, and improve in the craft of writing.

While writing is typically viewed as a solitary activity, inspiration and motivation can come from being surrounded by others taking the time to pursue similar goals. And YOU can have a team of fellow passionate and committed writers cheering you on, providing the guidance and support you need to truly pursue your writing, too.

You don’t have to go it alone. 

The Soul Writer Society is a collective for writers
at any stage of their journey, focused on writing for self-expression, legacy, and impact.

Writing is a chance to bring a part of your life to life forever. 

Something profound happens when you’re able to process your emotions, thoughts, and life journey through writing, filling blank sheets of paper with the words within. Pieces of ourselves that we aren’t always connected to start to rise and we discover new expressions for the way we feel and think.

Sometimes we just need to escape, and writing provides an easy vehicle, transporting you to wherever you want to go or feel the need to explore. If you’re going through tough times, writing can help develop your character. The time spent writing can make a significant change to your mood, your day, and your path ahead.

The Society is a safe space for writers to bare their souls, whether for others, or just for themselves. It provides an opportunity to connect with other writers, dive deeper into their writing, embrace their unique voice and authenticity, improve in the craft of writing, and share their writing for impact, if they so choose.

One of the best parts about writing is that it also captures your time here in this world. It’s the opportunity to pass on your life values, philosophy, and experiences to others. It’s a part of your soul, a gift you can leave to those you care about the most. It’s the opportunity to capture your soul in a way that makes a difference for your friends and family now and in the future.

The Soul Writer Society is your opportunity to carve time out in your day to continually hone your writing skills, connect deeper with yourself, and add to the imprint you’re able to leave behind.

What you receive as a Soul Writer: 

    • Daily Live Writing Sessions & Community Building
      Monday through Friday (except US Holidays), we’ll come together as a community via Zoom at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm central time (you can choose which sessions to attend!) to spend time writing together. Just like it’s easier to uphold your health and wellness with a friend you meet at the gym or a partner at home with the same healthy eating goals, when you know you have your peers and fellow writers waiting for you on the live writing session, and a reserved place on your calendar, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable to writing.
    • Weekly Writing Prompts 
      Whether you’re in between projects, fighting writer’s block, looking for a short break from your manuscript, or just feel like exercising a new way to storytell, we share writing prompts with members so you’re never left wondering what to write about. The prompts will challenge you to think and explore the depths of what makes you, you.
    • Weekly Writing Tips
      Continue to grow and improve as a writer with weekly writing tips and exercises to improve your skills and keep you continually growing to the next level.
    • Monthly Learning Sessions
      Once per month, Lauren Eckhardt will go live to train on writing techniques that will best serve you in this stage of writing. 

Monthly Membership: $25/mo

    • Instantly added to our Soul Writer Society private email list and group.
    • Daily live writing sessions to join your fellow Soul Writers in pursuing your passion & hold each other accountable (Monday through Friday at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm Central time).
    • Weekly deep-dive writing prompts to encourage 10 minutes per day of writing.
    • Weekly writing tips and exercises to move your writing skills forward.
    • Monthly learning sessions to train on writing techniques that will best serve you in this stage of writing. 
    • Deep discounts and early registration for Burning Soul Press programs and launches.
    • Cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.

It doesn’t just stop there.

Society members can be paired with an accountability partner to share your writing goals with as an added checkpoint. Society members also receive exclusive discounts on our best programs for writers.


You know you’re a Soul Writer if…

→ You know that there’s something powerful that happens when you write and you’re looking for a community that will empower you to step into your full potential.

→ You love writing and you want to find time to do more of it.

→ You’re craving accountability and want to surround yourself with others who understand the desire for MORE.

→ You’re a writer who feels overwhelmed or second-guesses your next steps and you’d like a safe place to ask questions and find resources.

→ You know your writing can serve a bigger purpose and you’re ready to trust the path that unfolds.