The Soulful Self Publishing Guide


The Soulful Self Publishing Guide is your personal how-to manual for
publishing your book YOUR way. 



Publishing your book is one of your greatest accomplishments.

But it can be a stressful process if you don't know where to begin. That's why we created The Soulful Self Publishing Guide - so you can lean on industry expert guidance and rest assured you're doing everything necessary to publish your book with success. 

Discover how to self-publish your book with a carefully curated step-by-step guide, complete with task lists, educational guides, and compiled resources to save you unnecessary time researching. 

We've taken the proven steps and processes we have found works for our best-selling authors at Burning Soul Press, and compiled them into a detailed resource for more authors to leverage, because it shouldn't be difficult to share your story with the world. 

  • Avoid countless hours of research and trial and error by being handed the proven strategies and techniques that have worked time and again for multiple best-selling authors
  • Simplify your publishing planning with convenient checklists and detailed guidance
  • Learn about publishing processes directly from our award-winning authors and industry experts
  • Publish your book with confidence and have FUN doing it with the knowledge and tools you need to reach your goals

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What's Inside: 

P. 4 - Publishing Foundation Checklist so you can keep track of your plan throughout the workbook
P. 6 - Your goals and vision worksheet to lay out your main objectives
P. 7 - Editing process educational guide
P. 8 - Complete guide to beta readers, including how to find them, what to ask of them, and how to get the most constructive feedback
P. 10 - How to identify your target audience with details that will help you reach them
P. 14 - How to narrow down your niche topics to make you a thought leader in your genre
P. 15 - A guide for crafting your book pitch within the workbook
P. 16 - A guide for crafting your book blurb that captures your readers within the workbook
P. 19 - How to write your author bio, complete with an example and a Q&A section to create your own
P. 21 - Guidance on capturing the best author photographs for your book
P. 23 - How to secure your ISBN and barcode information for your book
P. 24 - Step by step instructions for designing your book cover so it resonates with your readers
P. 29 - Direction for your interior design, how to conduct research for your book design, and tips on working with a designer
P. 31 - Formatting resources and referrals to experts who can help with your book design
P. 32 - Instructions for leveraging keywords and catagories on Amazon to make your book a bestseller
P. 33 - How to determine whether to have a presale
P. 35 - How to determine to create an audiobook, with tips for recording
P. 37 - Q&A section to determine a publishing timeline that will set you up for a successful book launch
P. 39 - Workbook pages to record your key book details in one place, as necessary for consistency between uploading platforms
P. 41 - A complete guide to distribution and a step by step tutorial for the uploading platforms IngramSpark, KDP, and Draft2Digital
P. 46 - Your book visibility checklist for a successful book launch
P. 47 - Guidance on book graphics that will grab your readers' attention
P. 48 - A guide to book and author branding
P.  50 - Website template for your author website
P. 52 - How to start and operate a successful author newsletter
P. 53 - Developing your reader magnet
P. 54 - An introduction to author social media complete with tips to help you get started

Throughout the workbook,  there are several sections to take notes, create your own lists, check off your tasks, and personalize YOUR publishing plan. 

Sample Pages: 

Publishing your book is an incredible accomplishment. Celebrate with the gift of guidance and support.

Your step-by-step guide to self-publishing your book includes: 

  • task lists for each project, complete with a personal checklist
  • proven strategies and tactics developed by the Burning Soul Press team and used with our very own authors to become a #1 best seller
  • resources with compiled research created to provide you with a launching pad so you don't have to start from scratch
  • guidance and tutorials on necessary platforms and processes to publish your book so you don't have to wonder if you're "doing the right things"
  • a clear path to connecting with your readers, getting your book published, and making the impact you dreamt of 
Purchase the workbook for ONLY $49

The proof is in the Authors who followed these exact strategies & templates to publish their book and reach
best-selling status.