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Guides & Workbooks

M.A.P. Monthly Author Playbook

The Monthly Author Playbook, developed by Burning Soul Press, is literally a M.A.P. for author success.

Delivered monthly in a manageable action list, authors receive new ideas, strategies, and tools, supporting ongoing learning and improvement and taking some pressure off of your planning in the following areas: 

  • social media post ideas to utilize
  • public relations strategies to integrate
  • newsletter suggestions to leverage
  • book marketing insights for your brand
  • awards & competitions to apply for
  • publishing advice, even after your launch
  • writing prompts to enjoy
  • monthly challenge to push yourself 
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PR for Authors Workbook

The Public Relations for Authors workbook is a critical tool in developing your very own PR strategy by guiding you through proven public relations techniques necessary to effectively share your book with as many potential readers as possible.

Receive educational guidance tailored specifically to your needs and your strategy as an author on topics such as foundational tools and assets, building a media list, writing an attention-grabbing pitch, writing your launch press release, and so much more. 

It shouldn't be difficult to share your story with the world. We want to help you remove the barriers so you can get your story in front of those who need it most.

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Writing & Publishing Programs 

The Luminary Anthology

For those who aren’t quite ready to share their entire story, but want to share pieces of it, submitting a story to our quarterly anthology series could be the perfect fit. Being a co-author in one of our anthologies is a great way to learn more about the behind-the-scenes process of compiling a book while collaborating with other authors to get a powerful message out into the world through a published book.

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The Soul Writer Journey

You know you have a powerful story. You understand that sharing it can help people. But mostly, you want to simply capture it, and it starts writing for you first. Maybe you just need a little accountability and encouragement in your journey. The Soul Writer Journey and community will help you do exactly all of those things and so much more.


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The Luminary Mentorship

You know your impact goes greater than just writing your story. You want to bring the fiery light from within and have it shine as bright as possible so your BOOK can help others. The Luminary Mentorship has all of the great benefits of the Soul Writer Journey community with next-level do it WITH you coaching through publishing, marketing, and public relations. For those who know this author life is just part of their greater impact and purpose. 

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