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For writers with a powerful message

The souL writer journey

Your story deserves to be written.

You aren’t living in the shade of others.
The roots of your tree grow deep.
And they have stories to tell.
It’s time to make your impact known.

The Soul Writer Journey helps purpose-driven individuals identify, write, and share their soul’s message through their life journey.

We are here to help you recognize your truest self, rediscover your stories, create deep connections with other luminaries, and embrace your message through writing.

The book you’re writing is the single greatest tool to encapsulate your story. Your book has the power to influence people with your soul message today and allows your message to endure time.

Our Soul Writer Journey community is meant to guide, support, and uplift you on your journey. You were not meant to do this alone.

Envision your goals now.  


The Soul Writer Journey 

An inspirational and motivational community of writers that will help you write from the soul.


What you’ll receive:

    • The Soul Writer Journey 4 Pillar Program: Helping you turn your story into a published book and writing passion into a powerful author career.
    • The Soul Writer Journey Membership: Access to a supportive private Facebook community full of writing inspiration and guidance. Plus live training sessions from the Burning Soul Press team that will help you strengthen your voice and the power of your story!
    • Curated contest and award opportunities.
    • Interviews and Q&A sessions so you can learn from and be inspired by Soul Authors & passionate industry experts who are lighting up the world with their impact and book journeys.
    • BONUS for Annual Members Only: Eligibility to submit your story in one of our Luminary Series published anthologies.
    • BONUS for Annual Members Only: Inclusion in a 12-week intimate writing circle, led by a Burning Soul Press Journey Coach.

Join The Soul Writer Movement (Annual)

Our most popular Annual Membership to The Soul Writer Journey comes with multiple perks for only $497!
Get 2 months FREE!
BONUS: 12-Week intimate writing circle led by a Journey Coach
BONUS: Eligibility to submit a story in one of our published anthologies.

Unsure about signing up for a year? We have a monthly option to get your feet wet!

The Soul Writer Movement (Monthly)

Includes our inspirational and motivational community of writers that will help you connect with your authentic message and write from the soul to make the biggest impact while writing your story!

No Bonuses Included with Monthly Membership

Memoir-Specific Training Starting November 15th! 
Join us starting November 15th for a special 6-week live training on how to write your memoir. Whether you’re writing it just for you, your family, or to share with the world, you’ll learn how to capture your life story through powerful memoir techniques.


Our uniquely designed Soul Writer Journey course was written and curated by award winning and best-selling author Lauren Eckhardt. Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Burning Soul Press. She has made it her life’s mission to capture as many stories as possible through the power of StorySharing.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

-Brene Brown



Take a deep breath and prepare to settle into a strengthened mindset for the Soul Writer Journey. You’ll start by connecting with your vision and goals so we can help them come to life. You’ll also learn how to find your place within the Soul Writer Journey community.


Delve deep into your soul, break down your life’s journey, and uncover your deeply felt beliefs to grasp the currents of transformation that have shaped your identity. Discover your soul’s message and the spark that drives you to identify your stories that deeply connect with those you want to embrace with your words and wisdom.


Blend your stories with your soul’s message to develop your book structure, eloquently share your unique voice, and highlight your true intention. Allow your light within to flow through your fingertips, composing your book with powerful words that change lives and leave an impact that transcends time. Includes frameworks for writing a memoir, inspirational, and self help books.


Radiate your purpose by positioning yourself to make the brightest impact imaginable. Determine the best mediums for you to attract those who need to hear your story, then establish a presence and share your message with the world. Discover the resources, strategies, and best practices that will help you gain the visibility your story deserves. Also includes training modules on book publishing, editing, design, and marketing.


Step into your full power and purpose by connecting your book with your burning passion, strengths, and endurance to activate multiple streams of influence. Learn to leverage collaboration with others, public relations, and partnerships to elevate your voice, design your legacy for your soul’s purpose, and create generational change, the way you feel called to do. Also includes training on public relations. 

BONUS for Annual Membership Only:


Beginning in 2022, Burning Soul Press will publish a quarterly anthology focused on a particular theme. Only those who are a member of the Soul Writer Journey annual membership will be able to contribute a story, adding the collection to their published works list and connecting their stories with more people for ultimate impact.


The soul writer journey course was just the thing I was looking for to get me out of a creative slump. The sense of community made such a difference for me and engaged me in writing in many new and diverse ways. Writing is an isolated activity, and the group made me feel like part of a family. I needed that, and so did my stories.”

Leah Spradlin

Lauren Eckhardt and Burning Soul Press made the journey of writing my memoir possible. She is a wonderful coach and encourager. The hundreds of hours we’ve spent crying and laughing together over the past year will always be some of my favorite memories.

Gina Defa

Author of "The Parakeet Drawing"

Lauren and her team are helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about supporting writers to reach their goals and succeed. Lauren teaches the tools and skills to support your writing journey in a natural, accessible and truly inspiring way! Through the course, I made the necessary changes and recommitted to the book that I’ve been ‘thinking about’ and ‘dabbling with’ writing for a decade now – I feel confident that I’ll finish my book (and possibly many more) with the inspiration, support, accountability and structure that Lauren and her team at Burning Soul Press offer.
I was so impressed by Lauren’s passion, which shines through her eyes and everything she says.

Liz Witherspoon

Soul Author Success

It’s time to take ownership of your authorship. Just as all of our Soul Writers that you see here. Burning Soul Press and The Soul Writer Journey will take you to the next level in finding and defining your soul’s message.

Want more personalized assistance through your writing journey?
Check out the  Luminary Mentorship Program
Everything you need to get your story written and shared with the world in one powerful program tailored completely to you.

The Luminary Mentorship 

Participants will fully step into their most powerful purpose, not only gaining access to the SWJ course and community, but also receiving 1:1 meetings with the BSP team, and other exclusive advantages, such as feedback on their manuscript, marketing plans, public relations resources and templates, business endeavor advice and more. Perfect for those all-in to their author dreams.