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Imagine having a publishing house customized for your brand overnight that drives the impact of your message and the reach of your powerful books.

At Burning Soul Press, our mission is to assist individuals in harnessing the power of storytelling to spark significant movements and establish life-changing missions. We believe that every book carries a unique potential to inspire change, generate dialogue, and cultivate profound understanding. Our ultimate goal is to empower authors to transcend the realm of written word, turning their books into catalysts for impactful change and the bedrock of enduring legacies.

The Ember Project is a transformative 13-month partnership that propels your authorial dreams to unprecedented heights. With the Ember Project, you can publish multiple books within 12 months to further boost your traction, expand your readership, and establish yourself as an author with a lasting message. We become your partners, helping you launch an impactful author-led movement that integrates seamlessly with your brand. Together, we craft a cohesive and compelling publishing plan that aligns with your mission and goals.

From the outset, we invest a whole month in meticulous planning, ensuring a crystal-clear roadmap to achieve your vision over the subsequent 12 months. 

The process? We start with one book idea and turn it into a completed manuscript, publishing it so it becomes the flagship book. Then we turn that flagship book into two other books or products that complement and support the flagship book, increasing your target audience reach and readership. We then take those words (and any words of yours we can find from interviews, podcasts, prior social media posts, etc) and turn them into 12 months of social media posts, podcast ideas, articles that can be submitted to various magazines and media outlets, and SEO optimized blog posts. We also provide sales strategy support, warehouse distribution options through the Burning Soul Press warehouse, podcast pitching, book review campaigns, and book trailers so that we can get your book in front of the people it was meant to reach.

Option A: All-Inclusive Brand Builder

Ignite your authorial journey with our all-inclusive package, encompassing a range of unparalleled services designed to propel your success. This includes: 

  • Published Book plus the publishing of 2 more books or products (such as journals or planners) to complement your flagship book (includes editing, cover design, interior formatting, ISBNs, US copyright, and distribution)  
  • Warehouse Fulfillment or POD Sales Strategy Set up
  • 12 Months of Podcast Pitching
  • 12 Months of Contest and Award Submissions
  • 12 Months of 3x/week Social Media Posts
  • 12 Months of Weekly SEO Optimized Blog Posts
  • 12 Months of Articles Created & Submitted to Media Outlets 
  • Monthly strategy calls
  • Book Review Campaign 
  • Our brand photographer flying to you onsite to interview you for a book trailer and to take author photographs.  

$50,000 downpayment, followed by 12 monthly payments of $5,000. 
(A $55,000 Savings) 

If you have other needs that fall outside of this and would like a separate quote, email: hello@burningsoulpress.com 

Option B: Publishing Empire

Not only can you publish your own books, but you also have the opportunity to open your own publishing imprint, extending your brand, message, and impact far and wide. The best part? You don’t have to do anything except talk about it. We handle everything else. Expand your reach, inspire others, and generate revenue effortlessly.

With this comprehensive package, you receive 5 published books as a starting point (whether yours or your clients’), providing a solid foundation for your imprint. Our expert team will assist in establishing your imprint, utilizing our proven marketing strategies and contract templates. We provide the tools and guidance needed to create a professional and successful publishing venture then run it as a white-label publishing team for the following 12 months. 

The beauty of this package lies in its revenue-generating potential. As clients or community members publish under your imprint, they pay a fee of $12,000-$15,000 (to be decided by you). You pay us $10,000 per book published, and you receive $2,000 – $5,000 (based on their cost that you choose) per book. It’s a seamless and lucrative opportunity to extend your impact and generate income effortlessly.

To empower you in serving your clients or community, we also offer up to two group coaching sessions per month during the 12 month package. This invaluable resource allows you to offer assistance to your clients to encourage them to write their books.

Embrace this extraordinary chance to become a leader in your community, offering a publishing solution that transforms aspiring authors into published voices. Let us be your trusted partner as you build your own publishing empire, amplify your brand, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of writers.

 It’s a turnkey publishing imprint that you own, all set up under your brand from the beginning, with a team of experts running it so you don’t have to.

$50,000 downpayment, followed by 12 monthly payments of $5,000. 

Your book. Your vision. Your time. It’s all possible with Burning Soul Press.

Fill out the application and we will be in touch with next steps, including scheduling a phone call if you qualify.