Imagine a publishing house that operates as an influencer for your mission by driving the impact and reach of your organization through a powerful book-led movement.
You can have one, created overnight completely under your branding, representing your organization and establishing authority in the book industry.
It’s simply another part of your legacy.

Burning Soul Press is on a mission to help people share their knowledge, experiences, and passion to inspire positive generational change, and we know that supporting other companies (like yours) to do the same thing under their own brand will only multiply the results. If you have executives, board members, clients, or staff that have powerful messages to share, a book is the best way to capture those. Being able to publish these books and establish your brand in the book industry by having your own publishing imprint can extend your organizational mission and provide passive income. It’s another way to leave a mark on this world—and a legacy for your organization.

The Ember Project is a Burning Soul Press white-label agency for published works, helping companies elevate their brand, magnify their content, build their own publishing team, empower their clients, and reach their audience. Under this project, Burning Soul Press will help you establish your very own publishing house, essentially overnight. Every foundational piece will be built for you and branded under your imprint. We will also publish books under your imprint, globally distributed in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats, over the course of one year. Each book includes publishing services, such as cover design, proofreading, and interior formatting and marketing education for the authors. When you’re ready to have your team take over, our book publishing and marketing experts will train your internal team to operate your imprint with proven processes and techniques for a successful publishing process.

 It’s a turnkey publishing imprint, all set up under your brand from the beginning.

A Turnkey Publishing Imprint

Your Branded Books

Instead of spending hours, days, weeks, and months researching and strategizing how to start and run a publishing imprint, let the Burning Soul Press team set it up for you through The Ember Project. Books are a powerful tool that can grow your audience and highlight your organization’s mission and impact. Each book that is printed will have your chosen Publishing Imprint name and brand.

The Burning Soul Press team will assist your authors to get their books published, marketed and set up in the public relations circuit while you take your time hiring the right people for your future publishing house. When ready, our publishing experts will train your internal team so they know exactly what to do to keep it running like a well-oiled machine.

Plus, if you’ve ever thought about publishing your own book, here’s your gatekeeper-free way to get your story and message out into the world, leading the way for your organization to do the same.

Choose your ROI

Your Investment Potential

You’re the publishing house, so you have full control of the split of royalties or upfront costs for your authors to invest in. We will walk you through the various models to help you choose the one that best aligns with your values and mission. Most organizations will choose the independent or hybrid model, which also provides quicker returns on The Ember Project investment.

Up to 10 published book titles are included in your Ember Project investment.
If you select the Independent model, for example, at the lowest end of what you could charge, that’s $14,000 per author that’s coming back to your bottom line, $140,000 in total. Plus you have a fully trained and running publishing house. It’s the investment that instantly gives back. Any authors you launch after our completed contract with you goes straight to your revenue, so it only builds from there.

The Ember Project Breakdown

  • Establishment of your publishing imprint and processes, including related accounts and distribution channels
  • Templates of forms, guides, marketing tools, contracts, and more so that you don’t have to build everything from scratch
  • 12 months of book publishing, marketing, and PR services for your authors
  • 12 months of training & development for your team (if you choose to hire one) in publishing, marketing and PR
  • 10 globally distributed published book titles
  • 100 ISBNs for the 10 published book titles and your future book titles
  • 200 free books (each author receives 20 copies of their own book)
  • A quick ROI if maximizing what’s included in The Ember Project package

Note: We only select organizations that are impact-driven, meaning they’re looking to make a significant positive change in this world that will last for generations to come. Organizations should also be prepared to publish at least ten books within 12 months to maximize the ROI.

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What if we want to publish more than 10 titles within the 12-month contract?

If your team is fully trained and wants to take on the process with those additional authors from the beginning, there is no additional charge as it’s all part of the training. If you want Burning Soul Press to lead those author projects, it will be $8,000 per author, which includes editing, proofreading, and design of the book- as long as the author is publishing within the 12 month contract.

What if I need support extended past the 12-month contract?

If you need Burning Soul Press to still fully lead your imprint after the initial 12-months, it will be $12,000 per month until your team is hired and trained. This will also cover 1 author per month (collected as a credit to use when your author is ready for publishing). If you have a trained team and need Burning Soul Press to serve as consultants to the process, it will be $5,000 per month to receive a combined team of experts across publishing, marketing, and PR.

What are the author credits?

If you are in a contract extension (past the original 12-months), for each month that you pay Burning Soul Press to fully lead your imprint (for those who have yet to hire and train their internal team), one author is included in that monthly fee. For example, if it’s January and you pay the $12,000 fee but have no authors publish during that month, you receive 1 credit. Then if in February, you pay the $12,000 fee again, and have 2 authors ready for publishing, you’ll have 1 credit from the prior January to use and 1 credit from the month of February to use.