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Imagine having a publishing house built for your brand overnight that drives the impact and reach of your organization through timeless books.
It’s simply another part of your imprint on this world.

Burning Soul Press is on a mission to help people share their knowledge, experiences, and passion to inspire positive generational change, and we know that supporting other companies (like yours) to do the same thing under their own brand will only multiply the results. If you have executives, board members, clients, or staff that have powerful messages to share, a book is the best way to capture those. Being able to publish these books and establish your brand in the book industry by having your own publishing imprint can extend your organizational mission and provide passive income. It’s another way to leave a mark on this world—and a legacy for your organization.

The Ember Project is a Burning Soul Press white-label agency for published works, helping companies elevate their brand, magnify their content, build their own publishing team, empower their clients, and reach their audience. Under this project, Burning Soul Press will help you establish your very own publishing house, essentially overnight. Every foundational piece will be built for you and branded under your imprint. We will also publish books under your imprint, globally distributed in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats, over the course of one year. Each book includes publishing services, such as cover design, proofreading, and interior formatting and marketing education for the authors. When you’re ready to have your team take over, our book publishing and marketing experts will train your internal team to operate your imprint with proven processes and techniques for a successful publishing process.

 It’s a turnkey publishing imprint, all set up under your brand from the beginning.