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The Soul Writer

Connect with your soul's ultimate purpose.

Share your story with the world.

Change lives with your message and mission. 

become a powerhouse author with a mission

  • Do you have a story burning within you?

    Many of us do, but most ignore the urge to write it. We put "write a book" on our vision boards and announce it for our New Year's resolutions—but little to no progress gets made.

    We let uncertainty, self doubt, fear, distractions, lack of time, and a million other reasons stand in the way of fulfilling our soul's truest calling.

    Does This Sound Familiar? 

    You go through the motions of your day, dreaming about writing a book. If only I had time...

    You drive your car, new book ideas firing away as you roll down the highway. I wish I could write right now... 

    With each book you read, you flip the pages as the urge stirs within you. I can do this too... Someday...

    And another year goes by...

    Did you know that only 1% of people with a writing dream actually follow through with writing (and finishing) a book?

    But that's not YOU. If you're here reading these words, you're ready to do this.

    Your soul is saying, "It's time." 

    Imagine for a moment...

       You let the words of your story flow out of your head through your fingers and onto paper, one page at a time—turning your book from just an idea into a tangible story that others can read.

      Then your book gets published. Wow. You celebrate the pride and accomplishment with your loved ones, in awe that your book is available for purchase across the world.

      You keep picking up your book, holding it in your hands, flipping through the pages, your fingers grazing over your name on the cover, as it sinks in that this is yours. You did it.

       Strangers are buying your book from thousands of miles away. A reader sends you a note that says, "Wow... Your story changed my life." 

       Your spouse, kids, family, and friends tell everyone that you're an author. When you introduce yourself, you say, "I'm an award-winning and best-selling author," a fact that gives you goosebumps each time.

       Other writers are inspired by your writing journey, touting you as the reason they finally wrote their books. You're an example to others just for following your dreams. 

       You quit your 9-5 job because you're busy hosting workshops, running courses, coaching, fulfilling speaking engagements, earning a living through your passions- all catapulted by your book. 

     Every single day you feel empowered and fulfilled, simply because you chose to go after your dream instead of just wishing for it.

  • The thing is, you know you need help with writing and publishing, but you haven't joined another writing group because you don't want to be just an author.

    You want to be more.

    You want to inspire empowerment and reform to make a difference in this world. You want to change lives. You've discovered a message within driving you on a new mission—sharing your own story to bring hope, encouragement, and light to those who need to hear it the most.

  • Introducing the Soul Writer's Journey...

    The Soul Writer Journey was developed for passionate, powerhouse souls like you. This is more than a writing program; it's a journey to write in a way that will make a powerful impact in this world and take you down a path that authentically aligns with your strengths, passion, and calling to fulfill your soul's purpose. 


    • be trained in a unique and highly-effective writing method that digs deep into the heart and soul of your story to write a book that has a lasting impact on readers and the world

    • launch and market your debut book like the pros without second-guessing yourself, fulfilling your personal and financial goals

    • have the tools to write as many books as you choose throughout your author career with confidence and ease

    •  craft your unique voice and transfer it to a storytelling skill that can be used to captivate audiences in all areas of life while building your author brand

    • strategically evaluate the book market and position yourself for success as a best-selling author while attracting your target readers and building your audience

    • prepare your book for publishing and choose the right publishing path for you, learning the steps for success that aligns with your long-term, soul-driven mission

  • Best of all, you'll become a soulful author—not simply checking the writing and publishing boxes for fifteen minutes of fame. You'll be a best-selling author making a noticeable impact with your words while exuding more confidence in sharing your story, creating lasting deep connections, and becoming more mission-driven with every step you take. 

    Sound good?

    Here's what you're getting...

    In the Soul Writers program, you receive:

    -16 weeks of modules that teach you how to dig deep into your soul's message and write and publish a story with a lasting impact

    -guidance and tools to creatively combine your book theme with your soul-driven endeavor to create multiple revenue streams

    -24/7 forum access to work through the material with the other Soul Writers, ask questions, and receive feedback

    -weekly live Q&A coaching sessions to answer questions, share stories, inspire others and receive inspiration in return

    -monthly live community chats to establish deep relationships with other Soul Writers

    -and a whole bunch of amazing bonuses (see the pricing grid below) 

    In 16 weeks, you'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to write, publish, launch, and market your book to become an inspiring best-selling author that empowers others. 

    As a special surprise, you also receive lifetime access to the Soul Writers group, so you can go through the program as often as you'd like for each book you write! This includes monthly Soul Writer live connection chats to network with other soul writers to gain an even stronger support system throughout your journey. 

    Are you ready to become a soul writer? 

    All Soul Writers also receive a FREE co-author spot in one of our Soul Connections compilation books to kickstart their career as a published author (a $1000 value)!

    soul writer logo Join Now

    “I joined the Burning Soul Mastermind group after completing a rough manuscript and feeling completely lost with where to go and what to do. I can say with full honesty, that working with Burning Soul helped me build my confidence, come up with an effective approach on presenting to publishers, and build my social media reach.

    With this being my first venture as an author, I was 100% that person who would have questions popping up from other questions. This would have left me overwhelmed and possibly even caused me to quit. Thankfully Lauren and Burning Soul were there to guide me quickly and with all the help and resources I needed to stay on track. I would recommend Burning Soul Press and the Mastermind program no matter what stage of your writing journey you’re in. There are resources, helpful tips and tricks, and support for every aspect of the writing process.”

    -Trevor C., "Augmented Humanity"

    What Are You REALLY Gaining with

    The Soul Writer Journey? 

      Accountability to your writing goals so you can finally write and publish the book that’s on your heart and avoid procrastination.

      Clarity on your creative strengths and the power of your story.

      Confidence in every step you take so you know what to do and when you need to do it without second-guessing your steps.

      Solid solutions so you don’t waste your limited time researching and trying out answers that may or may not work for your specific path and fall victim to bad advice.

      Brainstorming ideas because two minds are better than one to amplify creativity and overcome roadblocks so you’re never stuck and can grow in ways you didn’t know was possible.

      Inspiration, support, and lifetime writer friends through a community of other soul-inspired writers, so you can learn from each other and embrace that these dreams are possible for you without sacrificing time for what matters the most.

     A paved path to becoming a soul-driven author changing lives through your words, stories, and messages. 

    soul writer logo Join Now

    The Soul Writer is a game-changer. I never would have considered starting writing in the way that Lauren presented. I feel more in tune with myself, my dreams, my writing voice, and my ability to become exactly what I once dreamed about being. Thank you, Lauren, for your incredible encouragement, inspiration, and support and a new outlook on writing a book that not only speaks to my soul, but to all the other women I hope to someday help.

    -Nancy D., "Passing Night Skies"

    Now you may be wondering... is this right for me?

    This is for you IF...

    You are determined to write and publish your book.

    You are ready to fulfill your soul's calling and step into your fullest purpose.

    You love the book world and have a deep appreciation for people's stories.

    You desire to build a living using your creative strengths and natural talents.

    You know action, investment, and discipline leads to results.

    You are committed to spreading empowerment and inspiration.

    You believe in your soul's message and its powerful impact on the lives of others.

    You understand that now is the time to make your dream happen, not tomorrow.

    This is NOT the right program for you if:

    You believe the starving artist is the only type of creative that exists.

    You wouldn't consider yourself a reader.

    You view writing as purely a hobby. 

    You aren't committed to fulfilling the call to write your story.

    You don't believe that investing in a program is worth the education, experience, deep connections and accountability. 

    You are unwilling to make time in your schedule to write.

    You aren't coachable and willing to put suggestions into practice.

    You put things off until tomorrow instead of tackling your dreams today.

    So if you are a soul-driven writer ready to make a lifetime impact with your story and become a best-selling author, this is the right program for you. 

    Become a Soul Writer today.

    Join Now

    Next class starts: December 1, 2020 (prices will raise in 2021)

    Welcome to The Soul Writer Journey

    Soul Writer

    16-week program with online modules using the exclusive Soul Writer Framework, write a story with a lasting impact that fuels your author dreams. Includes a workbook to capture your ideas plus lifetime access so you can take the program as often as you want with each book you write. 

      + Weekly Live coaching sessions

      + Monthly Live community chats to establish deep relationships with other Soul Writers. 

    Bonus #1: Automatic co-author spot in one of our Soul Connections compilation books to skyrocket your author career ($1000 value)

    Bonus #2: Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing Overview + Hot Tips for Success ($49 value)

    Bonus #3: Self-Publishing Behind-the-Scenes so you can see the strategy that launches our authors to best-selling status ($749)

    Bonus #4: A Detailed Marketing Plan so you know exactly what you need to do to get your book in the hands of the right readers and can use it for each new book you write. ($300 value)

    Bonus #5: Lifetime program access & support in the Soul Writers group + ongoing Monthly Community sessions ($2200 value)



    or 3 monthly payments

    of $1000


    Meet Your Book Mentor:

    Lauren Eckhardt, CEO, Author, & Ghostwriter 

    Lauren is an award-winning and best-selling author, ghostwriter, book coach, and CEO of Burning Soul Press. She's also the mama to two little guys who are her why that drives her every day. 

    With an empathetic heart, Lauren is an incredible listener of people's stories and encourager through their obstacles. As a multi-passionate creative, she's known for generating new ideas and coaching others through the planning and execution of those ideas to reach their goals. She's an advocate for determined and passionate writers who listen to their soul's calling and the number one cheerleader for our authors. Spearheading BSP, she believes that we are here to help each other. Sharing our stories is the first place to start to make an even greater positive social impact that lasts forever.

    Platform:  The Soul Writers group operates through Slack with Zoom. No social media profiles or access needed to join.
    100% about all things creative and inspirational at all times. How heavenly is that?
    Join Now

    As a new writer, I didn’t know where to start. Burning Soul Press offered me knowledge and guidance... As Lauren Eckhardt would say, Burning Soul Press gave me the strength and encouragement to “write the story that was on my heart”. I owe my motivation, energy, and excitement to Lauren and the empowering work Burning Soul Press offers its clients.

    Julie N.

    I've been trying to write a book for a decade now and have been super inspired and motivated by Lauren and other writers in the Soul Writers group to finally make more progress! The support and encouragement in the group is wonderful to be a part of! 

    Liz W.

    I've written before but never quite felt confident about what to do with my writing. Being a part of The Soul Writers has given me the confidence I need to finally share my story and book with others. I've never felt so empowered and on track with my dreams. 

    Desiree L.


    Questions? Feel free to Email Us

    What if I don't know where to start with writing a book?

    All that matters is that you have the passion to write one. Most of our Soul Writers have never written a book or have tried and stopped. Our unique Soul Writer framework will simplify the process and help you write your story in a way that truly resonates with you so that you have the momentum to carry it forward in book after book. 

    Is this for fiction or nonfiction writers?

    The Soul Writer Journey is primarily intended for nonfiction writers, especially those of memoir, inspiration, and self-help genres. However, if there’s a powerful message you want to share through a fiction book, this is also for you. Knowing that message/theme and having a vision for how you want to weave it into a current or future endeavor to help other people is the most important component. 

    What makes this book program unique? 

    We have an innovative, soul-diving approach to writing your story that leaves ripple effects with its long-lasting impact. You'll feel confident about every single step in your author journey through writing, publishing, marketing and launching to reach your author goals. The second tier of the program can easily transfer your book into launching multiple revenue streams tied to your story's theme. Plus you receive coaching and community support so you're never left on your own. 

    Are there refunds?

    Refunds are only given up until the day the program starts. You will be receiving access to the exclusive Soul Writer Framework (trademark pending), and to keep the method protected, we don't allow people to receive the information and later get a refund. If you are not ready to invest in yourself and your author dreams, this is not the program for you. We truly believe that action + investment = the transformation that you desire, and we only want participants who are all-in and committed. 

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