The Soul Writer Journey

An impact-driven writing community that focuses on writing from the soul and creating generational change
through the writing and recording of your life story. 


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You aren’t living in the shade of others.

The roots of your tree grow deep.
And they have stories to tell.
It’s time to make your impact known.


The Soul Writer Journey helps purpose-driven individuals identify, write, and share their soul’s story as inspired by their life journey.

Because let's be honest... you didn't start out in life knowing what you know today.

More than likely, your journey to get here has been filled with highs and lows, mountains and valleys, light and darkness, good days and bad days, pain, joy, growth, and triumph. 

Maybe you’ve shared bits and pieces of your story with confidants in the past. Maybe you’ve courageously shared it in speeches. Maybe you’ve hidden it in poetry or fictional pieces. Maybe you’ve only journaled about it. Maybe it’s still locked up in your heart. But the fact that you’re here means that you want to do more with it. You know there's power within your story, and you're ready to explore it. 

A book is the single best tool to encapsulate your story. Not only does it have the ability to find those who need your words the most, but it also transcends time and lasts as it gets passed from person to person and copies are printed again and again. It can touch more people while also capturing your exact tone with the words you want to say and how you want to say them. You can be seen and heard exactly as you want to be remembered, exactly in the way that will touch the lives of those who need it the most.

But many people get so hung up on the “hows” of writing a book, that they never start. Or, if they start, then they never finish,  caught up in a repeating cycle of pains associated with writing their story (no time, no energy, it’s not perfect enough, not knowing what to do next, thinking no one cares about what they have to say, fearing judgement, or terrified of diving in deep to see what may be revealed once the veil is pulled back).

Right now you realize the power of capturing your story, but something has held you back from sharing it. We want to help you step into your fullest light, to connect your story with the pages, and maybe someday, when you’re ready, share it with those who need it the most, to help you leave a legacy and charge a movement that can change lives forever. We want to help you become a Transcending Luminary.

But it starts with writing your story.
First, for you. 
Then maybe someday, for others. You can decide that after it’s written. 

Regardless, there’s a deeper reason you’re on this page right now. There’s a part of you that knows your story deserves to be written, and you know it’s time to do it.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”
-Brene Brown

Uncover the roots of your story and the message within.
Develop writing confidence with unwavering support and endless education and guidance.


Gain accountability in leaving a powerful legacy through your story, connection, and impact.
Write your story for you first, then for your children or family, and then maybe—for the rest of the world.

No one can capture your experiences, perspectives, and feelings like you can.  Join a writing group that explores how you can weave your journey into multiple story formats while supporting you every step of the way.



 The Soul Writer Journey helps purpose-driven individuals identify, write, and share their soul’s story as inspired by their life journey. 

 The SWJ is held in an engaging private group of writers with desires to make a positive change in this world combined with expert guidance from book industry professionals. It not only teaches you how to remember your truest self, rediscover the stories that create deep connections with others, write, publish, market, and launch your book (if you so choose) through the bonus course, but it also helps you leave footprints that generate ripple effects for lifetimes to come– all from sharing your story with the world.

 The Soul Writer Journey - An inspirational and motivational community of writers that will help you write from the soul.


What you’ll receive:

  • Access to a supportive community full of writing inspiration and guidance with live training sessions from the Burning Soul Press team who will help you strengthen your voice and the power of your story
  • Connection and collaboration with other impact-driven soul writers within a private Facebook group  
  • Interviews and Q&A sessions so you can learn and be inspired by Soul Authors & industry experts who are lighting up the world with their impact and book journey
  • BONUS for Annual Members Only: The Soul Writer Journey transformative course to help you turn your story into a published book and your writing passion into a powerful author career
  • BONUS for Annual Members Only: Eligibility to submit your story in one of our Luminary Series published anthologies
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From Lauren Eckhardt, CEO & Founder of Burning Soul Press:

"To me, writing your life story is one of the most important things you can do with your time in the world. You don't have to do it alone. We will help you write and capture it, whether just for you, or to turn it into a book someday.


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The soul writer journey course was just the thing I was looking for to get me out of a creative slump. The sense of community made such a difference for me and engaged me in writing in many new and diverse ways. Writing is an isolated activity, and the group made me feel like part of a family. I needed that, and so did my stories.”

-Leah Spradlin


"Lauren and her team are helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about supporting writers to reach their goals and succeed. Lauren teaches the tools and skills to support your writing journey in a natural, accessible and truly inspiring way! Through the course, I made the necessary changes and recommitted to the book that I’ve been ‘thinking about’ and ‘dabbling with’ writing for a decade now – I feel confident that I’ll finish my book (and possibly many more) with the inspiration, support, accountability and structure that Lauren and her team at Burning Soul Press offer.
I was so impressed by Lauren’s passion, which shines through her eyes and everything she says."

-Liz Witherspoon

“With this being my first venture as an author, I was 100% that person who would have questions popping up from other questions. This would have left me overwhelmed and possibly even caused me to quit. Thankfully Lauren and Burning Soul were there to guide me quickly and with all the help and resources I needed to stay on track. I would recommend Burning Soul Press and the Mastermind program no matter what stage of your writing journey you’re in. There are resources, helpful tips and tricks, and support for every aspect of the writing process.”

-Trevor Creaman, Author of "Augmented Humanity"

A few of our Soul Writers turned Soul Authors
impacting the world with their story.

Take control of your life's legacy today.



Become a soul writer to write and record your story. First for you. Then, if you decide to share with others, we'll help you record it through an impact-driven book. It's the entire journey of the soul, but also the entire journey of becoming an author. 


Monthly Membership

$49 /mo

  • Powerful Soul Writer Journey Community
  • Weekly Live Writing Sessions 
  • Whole Soul Health Accountability
  • Live trainings from Burning Soul Press team with Q&A sessions from industry experts
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Or Join the Annual Membership for only $497 and receive 2 months free PLUS the Soul Writer Journey course that walks you through writing, publishing, and marketing a book- perfect for those who recognize that being an author is in their path ahead. Annual members also receive the opportunity to submit a story in the quarterly anthology, The Luminary Series, and start their publishing path early. 

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Bonus #1 for Annual Members Only: The Soul Writer Journey Course

Work from gathering your stories, to writing with purpose and impact, to publishing and marketing your book to make a difference in this world. The Soul Writer Journey Course will walk you through every step. 

Bonus #2 for Annual Members Only: The Luminary Series Contributing Author

Have the opportunity to contribute a story in each of the quarterly anthologies produced by Burning Soul Press called The Luminary Series. Open for annual members only. 

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