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5 Top Secrets for Reader Engagement with New Authors

What are the Top 5 Secrets for Reader Engagement with New Authors? Time to find out!

Congratulations! You have decided to write your book, the story on your heart, and share your powerful message with the world. Once you’ve written your book, how can you make sure those who need it most will know about your book? Now is the time to focus your efforts to reach and engage your ideal readers through the power of public relations.

Public awareness is the first step in generating sales. Public relations, by definition, is the practice of deliberately managing the release and spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public in order to affect public perception. In our case, increase public awareness! PR is, in part, a science, in the various steps we follow to ensure we have a strong strategy. But, it is also an art, in that you must be creative and develop a plan very personal to you and your goals. 

Here are some tips to help you create a strong PR strategy to reach and engage your ideal readers.

5 Secrets for Top Reader Engagement with New Authors

1. Start working on public relations before publishing your book.

Active PR efforts can help you reach more potential readers by getting your message out on more channels & platforms than just your own. Speaking to different audiences on your book or the relevant themes in your book adds credibility to you as the author and gets you in front of potential readers you otherwise wouldn’t have reached.

2. Locate the right mediums to reach your ideal reader.

First, you need to have your ideal reader in mind (check out Claire’s tips for identifying your target audience). Then ask yourself the question: “How can I reach them?” This will help you determine the best mediums (podcasts, blogs, influencers, magazines, etc.) to get your message in front of your ideal reader and share your book with them.

3. Align yourself with people and brands you connect with.

Start with the podcasts, blogs, and other media you personally enjoy whose audience would be interested in your story. Then, expand beyond what you already know and do some research – where are people looking for information similar to the message you have to share? For example, if you are writing a self-help book, it’s likely someone looking for a book like yours will also listen to self-help or self-improvement podcasts as well.

4. Develop your impact messaging.

Your impact messaging is how you will communicate your value to the various people and brands whose audiences you want to share your message and book with. Answer these questions when writing out your impact statements:

  • How will my book add value to my readers’ lives?
  • What specific lessons will I impart to people?
  • Why will my message be meaningful to them?

You will want to have your impact written out in three forms: a short synopsis, of about two paragraphs; a three-sentence summary, and a one-sentence description. Your impact messaging is key when pitching yourself and your story to the podcast hosts, brands, and people you want to partner with – and they are your vehicle to reach and engage with your readers.

5. Be as active in your PR efforts as possible.

Spending time hunting for the podcasts, brands, and people (and more), then sending your pitch to them, takes effort. It can be tedious work, but it is worth the energy to expand your audience beyond your own social media following. The more people you can share your story with expands your reach to potential readers, increases your social media following (and your ability to engage further with those readers), and ultimately, will get your book in the hands and hearts of those who truly need to hear your message.

Article Written by: Allison Buehner Burning Soul Press Strategic Communications Director

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