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10 Signs You Should Write Your Book

1. You’re constantly pinged with new ideas.⁠

2. People tell you, “You should write a book.”⁠

3. When you were a child, you wanted to be an author.⁠

4. You wish there was a book out there that _________ [fill in the blank]. (If it doesn’t exist, you should write it.)⁠

5. You have a new twist on a story that already exists. (Like “50 Shades of Grey” did with “Twilight or “The Lunar Chronicles” did with classic fairytales like Cinderella.)⁠

6. You have a unique framework you apply in courses, workshops and coaching. (Your book is basically already written then.)⁠

7. You are constantly posting insightful pieces on social media via posts or videos. (Compile those- your book probably has a better start than you realize.)⁠

8. You have an incredible story that you know will help people if they heard it.⁠

9. You started a book ten years ago and just never finished it. (Try re-reading it. You may actually see how good it is now.)⁠

10. You’re reading this article wondering if you should write a book. (YES)⁠


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