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Writing: How to Harvest Your Best Story

And so we ask, how can you harvest your best story when writing?

Firstly, I believe we grow into our dreams, and as we plant our inspirations and ideas onto paper, it is important to tend to them daily and intentionally so our books take deep root in the hearts of our readers. My writing grew from an old notebook & broken pencils, always writing in the dark. Now, 20+ years later I decided to fulfill my dream as an author. Thanks, to Burning Soul Press. When I began to write my memoir I dove in headfirst. I poured every piece of my life onto the paper without a bit of structure, however, my draft was a disaster. 

Likewise, the Author needed tending to just as passionately as the message I wanted to bring to life. After that, I began to wonder if my words on stained pages and grammatical errors would ever be enough to produce the harvest of my soul’s message.

The Writing Harvest: Would it be enough? 

As we string our words together to impact those that read our books, we must remember to nourish the soil in which we are planting. This begins with us. The Author. Fulfilling, our dream is a journey. The way to our soul’s harvest is through intentional and daily action. As we dig deeper into our own hearts, we find our truth and creativity.

Make way for your abundance. Know that the process from seed to harvest takes time and must be intentional. The seed to write your book has already been planted. Similarly, now, it is up to you to help it grow. There is growth under the surface that only the author can feel & see as the words and chapters weave together. Don’t quit in the drought. Your words will come. Commit to putting in the labor to weed, water, and give light to your book. Be brave! Try new techniques. In doing this, you will learn from the authors that have come before you.

As you grow, so will your grit, your character, and your vocabulary. However, don’t rush the process. Don’t dabble in the art of your craft. Your brilliance lies in every fiber of who you are. Above all else, write as if your life depends on it.

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