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You’ve Written a Book: Now it’s Time to Spark a Movement

Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. Let your thoughts wander to your book. Think about your message… and the readers you want to reach. Consider how important your story is… and who it’s meant to find in the world. 

Now open your eyes because this is powerful stuff. Your book holds weight in the world! But what if it could do more? What if there was a way to cast your net wider and reach more people with your message? 

What if there was a way to start a movement with your words? 

The good news is that YOU CAN. Your book is just the catalyst. Read on to discover what you need to know if you want to spark a movement with your book: 

  • Be absolutely clear on your message. You have to know what you want to influence, who will help you, and why you want to make a difference. Reflect on your life experiences and really hone in on what gets you lit up. If you’re having difficulty narrowing down where you want to have the most impact, try the “three-room test”. If you have only an hour left to live to deliver the most important influential speech of your life, but all three of your target audiences are separated into three different rooms – which room would you choose to leave your final message? I use this test with my clients and they’re always surprised by the room they end up choosing when the stakes are high. 
  • Be ready to promote your book. You can’t just write a book and expect it to reach the people you want and make a difference on its own. No one will sell the book like the author can, especially when it’s something so meaningful to the author personally. Leverage other people’s platforms who are also out there doing similar things or driving a similar message. Collaboration is key. It’s how the flow of messages gets passed from one person to the next. Be proud of the book you’re putting out into the world. Celebrate it and be as excited as you hope other people are to read it.
  • Consider what else you can do to support your message. Take inventory of your other passions and skill sets and consider how else those may be combined to further elevate the impact you want to make. Are you skilled with art and can illustrate the message in new ways to bring awareness? Are you a fantastic coach or teacher and can host a workshop on the message? Can you run your own podcast breaking down the message in new ways and having other people on to provide further perspectives? The fun of this one is that many of these activities can support your message and also provide some extra income to support the impact you’re making.
  • Accept that not everyone in the world will agree with you. You will naturally run into trolls. Prepare your mind now to be okay with that. Encountering trolls means that your message is getting further out into the world – outside of just your comfort zone – which means that you are reaching more and more people. Stop and CELEBRATE THAT! And also keep in mind that those who have the most complaints tend to speak more loudly and often than those who have been changed or are grateful for the message. Preparing yourself and surrounding yourself with other authors making similar impacts will keep you uplifted and your mind on what truly matters.
  • Surround yourself with an incredible support system. Choose people who can be there when you need them and provide you with new opinions and perspectives as you’re making waves. Sparking a movement means no longer staying small, and it’s important to have an army around you as you navigate the path ahead – and who will celebrate all the incredible victories along the way.

Your book is just the beginning. Dig deep and consider the possibilities. If your story is meant to be shared with the world, spark your movement today.

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