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Who We Are

Changing the world one soulstory at a time.

Burning Soul Collective is fueled by writers and creatives using their stories, words, and talent to change the world. We help capture your experiences, perspectives, knowledge, transformations, revelations, and growth to empower others who need to hear your story the most. We specialize in book coaching, ghostwriting, and publishing to support changemakers on their author journey.

Our mission is simple: We believe your story is worthy of being written and recorded because your time here matters. It’s letting that burning soul within free, allowing yourself to be seen and heard for who you truly are, trusting your authenticity is enough—believing that you are enough. By being truly you with such boldness, that’s how you’ll inspire and empower others. 

Founded by Lauren Eckhardt, the name Burning Soul originally came from a collection of essays she wrote when she was only 9 years old. It was her thoughts on all types of topics ranging from bullying to marriage to racism. She called it “One Burning Soul” because of a vision she had of someone caught in a glass box, screaming and pounding as people walked by, dying to be seen and heard for who they truly are, yet being ignored. When Lauren founded Burning Soul Collective (formerly Burning Soul Press), Lauren knew her drive was to help aspiring authors chase their book-writing dreams with confidence.

Your unique voice—your experiences, thoughts, values, beliefs, perspectives, emotions, heart, and soul—has the power to change another’s life forever.
Our unique twist is our focus on the depth of your journey and the power it holds when shared with the world.

Writing a book is meaningful- not something to be done quickly. If you want to do more with your dream than just write a book- you’re more focused on your message and long-term impact, you’re exactly who we want to work with.

Are you ready to share your story and fulfill your dream?

Welcome to Burning Soul Collective.


Our Focus

We help authors write and publish powerful books that create generational change. We offer ghostwriting, publishing, author promotion services, and white-label publishing.

Introducing our unique approach to transformative storytelling – the S.O.U.L. Writer Method. This distinctive method stands as a beacon for those willing to embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery and global impact.

The “S” symbolizes Share Your Story. This step urges you to plunge into the depths of your existence and extract your most genuine narrative. It’s about unearthing the raw, real, and riveting experiences that have shaped you, and weaving them into a tapestry of words that will resonate with your readers.

The “O” stands for Offer. Here, you will assemble the intricate puzzle of how your book fits into your larger purpose. It’s about aligning your vision, your unique talents, and your burning passion with the change you aspire to bring into the world. Your book is not just a collection of pages, but a vessel carrying your contributions to the world.

The “U” signifies Uplift. This step is about elevating your message through the strategic promotion and marketing of your book. It’s about amplifying your voice, ensuring your story soars across borders, reaching those who need it the most. It’s in this stage that your book becomes a lighthouse, guiding those wandering in the shadows towards the beacon of your wisdom.

Lastly, the “L” represents Lead. Here, you will be guided to lead a community ignited by your mission, fostering a collective effort to drive the change you’ve always dreamt of. You won’t just be an author; you will be a visionary, a catalyst, igniting a chain reaction of inspiration, empowerment, and transformation.

Through the S.O.U.L. Writer Method, we, at Burning Soul Press, provide you with the tools to not just narrate your story, but to resonate, inspire, and create waves of change. You’re not just writing a book; you’re sparking a movement. Let’s journey together on this path of impactful storytelling, illuminating the world, one soulful narrative at a time.

We’re a sucker for incredible stories that make a difference. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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