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Hire a ghostwriter who can capture and flesh out your book idea so there are no more barriers to getting it out into the world.

At Burning Soul Press, we understand that as an entrepreneur, executive, or consultant, you have a unique story to share. But in the midst of your busy schedule, it can be challenging to find the time or energy to articulate your story effectively and passionately into a book. That’s where our Ghostwriting services step in, bridging the gap between your vision and the world.

Ghostwriting is not merely a service; it’s a partnership. It’s our endeavor to take your thoughts, your experiences, and your story and breathe life into them through the written word. But unlike traditional writing services, we place the utmost emphasis on capturing your unique voice, style, and ethos. The result? A book that not only shares your story but does so in a way that genuinely reflects you and the legacy you aim to leave behind.

As an experienced ghostwriter, Lauren ensures the same level of care, heart, and soul you would pour into your book. She is devoted to capturing the authentic essence of your personality and vision in every word she writes. Lauren takes pride in crafting a narrative that truly mirrors your ideas and the message you wish to impart.

By choosing to collaborate with Lauren Eckhardt as your ghostwriter, you’re not just hiring a writer, but a dedicated partner invested in your vision. She commits to handling your book with the same seriousness, dedication, and respect as she would her own. The outcome? A work of art that echoes your thoughts and feelings so authentically that every word feels like a direct transcript from your heart and mind.

So why choose Burning Soul Press and Lauren Eckhardt for your ghostwriting needs? Because we believe in the power of your story, and we are committed to helping you share it with the world in the most authentic, passionate, and impactful way possible. Let us bring your vision to life, crafting a book that will not only inspire change but also create a legacy that will endure through generations.

The Process for Ghostwriting:


During our initial consultation, we engage with you to understand your vision, goals, and the essence of the project you envision. Assuming it aligns with our areas of passion, expertise, and schedule availability, and you are confident in us as your ghostwriter, we then proceed to formalize our partnership. This process involves presenting you with an official proposal detailing the project timeline, contractual terms, a non-disclosure agreement (ensuring the confidentiality of your ghostwritten book), and an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, your book journey commences, with most projects reaching completion within 4-10 months (a personalized estimate will be given after understanding your project’s full scope).

Step #1: Vision & Expectations Alignment. We delve further into your book’s intended impact, central message, tone, and target audience. This stage includes setting a project timeline to keep you apprised of key milestones. (Approximate client time: 90 minutes)

Step #2: Interview Series. Our Ghostwriter engages in a series of interviews to unravel your book’s structural ideas and unique narratives. These interactions are also vital for the Ghostwriter to align with your personal voice and tone, bringing authenticity to your book. Typically, this stage spans 2-4 weeks, dictated by your availability. (Approximate client time: 10-15 hours)

Step #3: Writing in Motion. Upon your approval of the book structure derived from the interviews, the Ghostwriter embarks on the writing journey. Depending on the length of your manuscript, this process could span 6-24 weeks. To ensure transparency and collect your feedback, the Ghostwriter shares writing snippets at predetermined milestones. (Approximate client time: 5 hours)

Step #4: Refinement & Polishing. Your Ghostwriter will share the initial draft with you, incorporating your feedback, ensuring the manuscript echoes your voice, and incorporating any additional information you’d like included. Post your approval on the second or third draft, the manuscript undergoes meticulous proofreading. Following your sign-off, we proceed to the final stage. (Approximate client time: 10 hours)

Step #5: Transition to Publication. If you opt for our publishing service, we set a launch date and initiate the transformation of your manuscript into a published book. This phase encompasses cover design, interior formatting, assigning ISBNs, distribution uploading, and offering strategic guidance to effectively market your book, ensuring it reaches its intended readers.

At the conclusion of this transformative journey, you’ll stand proudly as a published author, holding your very own book.

Ghostwriting Investment


For memoirs, inspirational, self-help, or thought leadership books only.

What’s included:

  •  A professionally-produced book (up to 85,000-words) telling your story in your voice (added picture inserts optional)
  • Up to 30 hours of interviews (working with you at various points throughout the project to gather your story)
  • Three consultation calls (initial, mid-point, end product) to walk you through every stage of the process and discuss strategy
  • Up to 15 hours of research to contribute facts and details associated to your story
  • Professional development and line editing with proofreading
  • Full Publishing Package: Cover Design, Interior Formatting, ISBNs, US Copyright, Distributed across all online retailers (Amazon, Barnes N Noble, etc) with 5 hours of Consulting in Book Marketing & Promotions while you maintain all royalties, rights, and control of your book. (If you choose a different publishing route, deduct $10,000 from the package total below.) 


Package Price:

$65,000 + $1 per book sold,
$85,000 total

About Lauren Eckhardt, our key ghostwriter and the guide for our Luminous Ghostwriters: 

Lauren Eckhardt, a celebrated award-winning and best-selling author, is the visionary CEO and Founder of Burning Soul Press. As a gifted ghostwriter of over 12 books, her fervor lies in assisting purpose-driven individuals in narrating their life stories, catalyzing movements that inspire and instigate change. 

She cherishes the opportunity to help people feel truly acknowledged, their voices heard, and their identities embraced in their most genuine form. Lauren will breathe life into your book, ensuring it reflects your vision and becomes a lasting testament to the legacy you wish to leave.


“Lauren Eckhardt and Burning Soul Press made the journey of writing my memoir possible. She is a wonderful coach and encourager. The hundreds of hours we’ve spent crying and laughing together over the past year will always be some of my favorite memories.”

Gina Defa, Best-selling author of “The Parakeet Drawing”

If you’re ready to turn your book idea into a finished manuscript, apply to the Ghostwriting Program below or use this link to schedule a call. If it fits our scope, we will reach out within 72 hours to discuss your project in further detail.