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The Parakeet Drawing by Gina Defa

 Releasing November 17, 2020

With a mom who wasn’t ready to relinquish her party lifestyle, eight-year-old Gina was thrust into a world of alcoholism, drugs, sex, and molestation. Abandoned by daily parental guidance, she was forced to fend for herself and navigate a world that brought more darkness than security.

As her childhood was scraped away bit-by-bit, Gina held true to something within that guided her, a light that burned brighter once a brief interaction with a stranger connected her with the truth. Everything will be okay.

The Parakeet Drawing is a powerful memoir about the ripple effects of a small act of kindness, and how it helped one little girl find the strength within to save herself.

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Healing the Survivors by Jacquelyn Weis

Coming December 2020

Survivors of sexual assault are often faced with PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and substance abuse. Jacquelyn Weis, a Holistic Healer and sexual abuse survivor, understands the shame-plagued brokenness that results. She also knows what it's like to be on the other side of true healing to move forward freely in life with love and compassion. 

Healing the Survivors is an inspirational, guided journey through forgiveness, connection, spirituality, inner healing work, conscious healing, inner peace, rebirthing, and freedom.  With her personal story of sexual abuse survival weaved throughout, Jacquelyn delivers a powerful eight-step process to whole-self healing. This transformative method, paired with journaling questions, will lead survivors to peace and self love through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. 

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Fiction Books - List coming Soon 

The Remedy Files: Illusion

Would you sacrifice your life to feel?

For eighteen years, Evangeline has been raised without physical or emotional feelings. All decisions are made by Impetus, the only remaining community in a barren and destroyed world, that has repopulated humankind with their strict system.But her life isn’t as it appears.A forbidden friendship with a boy surviving on the outskirts of Impetus teaches Evangeline a dangerous choice she didn’t think she had.

When Evangeline defies Impetus’s plans for her future on her eighteen birthday, she awakens from a dark punishment to a divided world, power clashes, and senseless murders masked by lies of goodwill. With her life and the lives of those she loves on the line, Evangeline must discern the truth from the illusion while fighting the injustices forced on humankind.

Is life worth living if you live without feelings? 

The Remedy Files: Rebirth

Book #2 of The Remedy Files Trilogy


In this sequel to The Remedy Files: Illusion, Evangeline finds herself a prisoner in a new community called Revival after her abduction from Rebirth. Equally cold and filled with unfeeling people who don't know life in any other way, Revival sets the direction for The New World. Evangeline's brief encounter with the very-much-alive Gavin has her questioning his integrity and true role in their history together. In Revival, Evangeline learns The New World has determined that people with natural intuition and precognition are of special use to them, the exact abilities identified in Evangeline, Gavin, and most of those in Rebirth who can warn when bad events are about to occur. But after discovering Gavin’s traitorous acts, new alliances must be formed, and Evangeline has a different mission in mind. She won't stop fighting until Revival reinstates basic human rights. It starts with getting everyone in Rebirth on board. Then saving Impetus and the other communities once and for all, regardless of Revival’s—and Gavin’s—attempts to stop her.

The Remedy Files: Divided

The final installment of The Remedy Files series. Releasing 2021. 

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